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The Pink Collar Life is always looking for opportunities to collaborate. As a lifestyle blog, we don't just cover fashion, but feature small businesses, boutiques, restaurants, personalities, cosmetics, hotels and much more. 

We are inspired by design of past eras, but collaborate with modern companies that represent the same classic vintage aesthetic that we strive to capture. The Pink Collar Life is built upon stories dreamt up by Tara & Ashlyn from what excites them at the moment. The story is told from our point of view and we look for specific pieces and items that are cohesive to our vision.


Banner Ads (250x400): We maintain a clean and organized page, which makes reading easier and ads more appealing to viewers.  Banner ads are only located on the right side bar, and are listed in order of start date. Rates are 60 days for $75(usd), or 6 months for $300(usd).

Social Media: One photo of our choosing, wearing or using your brand's item, to be shared on all social media accounts, reaching over 118,000 legitimate followers daily. $125(usd).

Features: Selecting a feature on The Pink Collar Life means your item(s) are the spotlight of our story, and are exclusive to your brand only.  Tara and Ashlyn create a story and combine fashion, styling, and location to create a story that fits with the Pink Collar Life.  Features are not only on the homepage of, but are also shared on all Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts reaching out to over 45,000 legitimate followers daily.  Your feature will remain on the home page for a minimum of 10 days.  All images used for the feature will be digitally sent to you for social media use. Contact for rates.

*Features are told from our point of view.  We work with brands that are cohesive to our theme.
**Advertising packages may be considered for substantial trade of your goods or services.  Please contact by email for any and all questions.

For any press, collaboration, advertising, or sponsor questions related to The Pink Collar Life, please contact us at:

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