The Pink Collar Story

“Pink Collar”is a phrase derived after WWII in the 1940’s, referring to feminized industries dominated by women. From Beauticians and Couture Dress Makers to Flight Attendants and Diner waitresses, the Pink Collar boom made women more than just homemakers.

It is with this notion that “The Pink Collar Life” came to be. The modern-day Dolly Sisters duo, Ashlyn Coco & Tara MiSioux, both thrive off of nostalgic glamour and the platinum pair have created a lifestyle true to that of the Golden Age. Although they firmly believe in keeping a good house, they also enjoy creating glamour outside of the home, as they venture to find vintage treasures and hidden gems throughout Southern California.

California is the birthplace of Old Hollywood and glamour, and we revel in all it's glitz and glory. With backgrounds in fashion design, cosmetology, photography, merchandising, and marketing, we have come together as a duo to chronicle our life that we view through rose colored lenses.




Meet the Girls

Burlesque bombshell Tara Mi Sioux has shimmy and shaked from California to Europe and back and has been featured in various magazines, books, and documentaries for her work in the burlesque and pinup world. She solely runs her vintage clothing shop, is a mother of two, wife, homeschool teacher, chihuahua owner, and a chocolate addict. Usually considered to have a 50's or rockabilly style, Tara Mi Sioux doesn't discriminate against any era of design or fashion, and believes any unique piece can be made fabulous!

Platinum Pin-up Ashlyn Coco has been primping and powdering ever since she saw Marilyn’s photo as a little girl. Being raised in a classic Italian family setting, she became instantly enamored by her grandparent’s collection of Old Hollywood singers and starlets. It’s no surprise she grew up to attend beauty school, but she also worked in the Los Angeles apparel industry as a designer, creating her own business. Aside from studying Fashion Merchandising she enjoys vintage shopping, her two schnauzers, and sharing beautiful images imbuing her personal pink aesthetic. She adores anything from Art Deco to Americana & Atomic, and loves a good cocktail, or two!