Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blonde All Over

Today's outfit of the day is of winter whites, with a classic nod to one of Marilyn's favorite notions: "I love to feel blonde all over." The roses are kissed with rain, and the cloudy skies are calling for a ray of light...

Nothing says winter more than a creamy palette of tones & textures, including starlet silhouettes, and sparkles, alongside fleck & fluff. This ensemble is head-to-toe vintage 1950s, with a classic cardigan, lined in fawn colored fur, finished with a floral brooch.

This blonde, wool, overcoat is a dolman sleeved, swing coat with a crop, similar to the shape seen on Jane Russel in Gentlemen Prefer blondes! A beige flecked skirt with a rainbow of neutrals, is a must have for any wardrobe, matching perfectly with anything you put on.

Image result
Similar to Marilyn Monroe's mink cardigan on display at Julien's Auctions, which was just sold

And lastly, I finished this polished, platinum look with my blonde locks, and Schiaparelli Springolators, made of cream lace, sprinkled with golden glitter. 

❤ Ashlyn

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

OOTD: Ice Pink

- Outfit of the Day -

" Ice Pink"

Casual, but classic, this is a very laid back & lazy outfit of the day, but dressed up by some simple accent pieces. The pink coat i'm wearing is thick and warm, from the 1950s, made of wool, and blended with camel hair. A coat like this can usually be worn as a dress, but since this one is button-less, it's not as practical for much colder weather. Since it has large, chevron dipped pockets, I don't even need a purse...just a fur - and go! It looks cheeky as a coat dress, and also looks amazing as a duster coat. . .she is quite the versatile piece for me.

Of course, we at The Pink Collar Life had to make pastel, pink, faux fur easily accessible for all our glamour gals, so my go-to, is our 20th Century Fox Fur in powder pink.

Icy pink falls more into the mauve pink category, and pairs great with any tones of powdery pink, lavender, and of course, crystals! To spruce up this ensemble, I added a large statement crystal rose brooch and some icy, pearl, pink sunglasses custom made by my friend, Lindy Sue. Mixing textures can be really fun, and I love to see my pink, satin, flats against a nice wool outfit. The shoes & sunglasses are also adorned in crystals of pink and lavender, so it was a no-brainer with these gems.

Dress: Vintage, 1950s "Gray Rose House of Fashion," Camohara Wool
Faux Fur: The Pink Collar Life "20th Century Fox Fur," Powder Pink

♡ Ashlyn 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter Blooms

It's the dead of winter, but here in sunny Southern California we hang around 70° for most of the season. For a girl like me who needs color in her life to stay inspired, I am thankful to live in such a beautiful place.  Our Winter blooms seem even more vibrant than last year which gives me so much excitement for Spring. Today in the rose garden, hues of pink, red, and coral give me every reason to twirl in my 1950s rose pattern, circle skirt.   This piece sparkles with beads and sequins to make this romantic rose print dance and sway on its own.   Also quality made, it is lined in pink silk with a built-in, pink, mesh crinoline.  Just a reminder of why I love vintage clothing! 

xoxo, Tara

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Leopard at La Valencia

The La Valencia in San Diego, has always been a favorite spot of mine. Not only is it PINK and known as "The Pink Lady," but it is actually an original structure, built in Marilyn Monroe's birth year: 1926! To Hollywood, La Jolla was an undiscovered, unspoiled “jewel,” and its beaches and cliffs were often used for location shots. Hollywood’s stars, the nation’s Gods and Goddesses of the day, used (and still do) La Valencia as a hideout from hectic Hollywood pressures...

With gorgeous Spanish style architecture inspired by Valencia, Spain, the Prospect St. pink palace is perched on the sparkling sea, set among pink fleurs & palms. It's no wonder it was a favorite hang out spot for all of the glamorous flapper girls at the time. The inside walls are lined with its Old Hollywood starlets who frequented the hotel, such as Marion Davies and Greta Garbo. Of course during the holiday, the Christmas trees and wreaths are up, and palm trees are accented with twinkling lights.

Because it is a historic hotel landmark, the color must remain pink and cannot be altered...What a relief! Design elements include Art Deco Spanish tile throughout, wrought iron railings, and rich tapestry carpets. Its bungalow style and mezzanines reminds me a bit of Chateau Marmont, everyone's Old Hollywood favorite.

A California Christmas!

Wearing our Birdcage Bag from our shop, you can find here

Today's outfit of the day is a 1940s exotic look, complete with some luscious leopard accents. I'm wearing a black two-piece Forstmann wool suit, a vintage leopard coat and some gold & black peep toe wedges - all vintage from the 1940s. The suit jacket has a wasp waist style and the lapels can button in numerous different combinations, which is 'super smart' ! The leopard coat is from The Higbee Company, which was a chain of department stores that opened in the 1930s in Cleveland. This coat is a great go-to, as its not only warm, but falls far below the knee, covering perfectly any dress you would wear it with.

Keeping with the deco theme, i'm also accessorizing with the Silver Screen Serpentine Bangle in gold from our shop, found here. I love this bangle because I have frighteningly small wrists, and this stays put without moving about annoyingly. It's also completely sparkly, covered in crystals and shiny gold! Snakes & leopards are a fun combination, which is why I have my little sly leopard on my shoulder. This brooch is a nice little statement, finished with emerald green eyes, to pick up Christmas greenery. If I were wearing a turban today, it would have definitely been Lili's Leopard!

Lipstick shade is the fitting 1930 shade: " Noir Red," by Besame Cosmetics

These shoes are quite magnificent, as they are that swoon style wedge we all know and love, seen in the vintage 1940s shoe advertisements. I immediately think of Rita Hayworth when I see these beauties, with a black & gold color block, made for the boudoir on any Old Hollywood set!

By Vestige Photography

Two years ago, I had some flapper fun here at the Valencia to pay homage to their history and my favorite starlets. Above, i'm wearing our shop's "Dinner at Eight" bolero in pink, which you can find here.

Now, let's party like it's The New Year in 1926!

<3 Ashlyn

Friday, January 6, 2017

Paramount Princesses in the Pearl Coat

Today is all about Top Vintage, and there's a reason for the meaning: TOP! This brand has us feeling like Paramount Princesses, as we feature their Pearl Coat, by Collectif Clothing. 

Top Vintage is a retro boutique based out of the Netherlands, founded by Angelique van den Born, in 2008. Much like us, this #girlboss and #pinkcollargal had a passion for curating vintage & vintage inspired items, plus a knack for business. Starting small, this company had made its way to the top, literally - becoming one of the leading boutiques in all of Europe!

Top Vintage Boutique has won numerous awards, from best ladies fashion webshop, to best starting company - consecutive years! As a husband and wife duo, this power couple works to bring us vintage lovers of the worldwide community, the hottest in vintage inspired trends. But it is not only the power pair that run this wonderful brand, in fact, Top Vintage goes above and beyond with an extensive, top-notch team, all celebrated for their unique titles and talents. 

Top Vintage has our hearts for many reasons. The webshop is extremely easy to navigate, and items are easily categorized in pieces ranging from decades 1920s-1970s - There truly is, something for everyone. They also have such a charming layout, making your shopping experience all the more nostalgic, with plenty of pink, and old photos for inspiration. Let's not leave out some of our favorite leading ladies and friends, +AcidDoll Rose , @vanessafrankstein, & @ava_elderwood as models! 💖

Also, we are honored and proud to say that Top Vintage is a stockist of our very own, The Pink Collar Life™ brand. This is a wonderful option for those who live in Europe, and especially those looking for some of our best selling (now, soldout) items!

For this feature, we are taking you back to the 1930s, with thee most head turning coat of the season! As you have seen on previous posts, we love our true vintage coats, featuring fur and cuffs, cut princess, or swing. But we know that it can be impossible to find a ready-to-wear reproduction of such glamour, nowadays. Enter, the Pearl Coat...

As Top Vintage describes it best, this coat exudes pure glamour! It is absolutely the epitome of Old Hollywood Glamour, and the fashion seen on actresses of the Art Deco era of cinema. The Pearl coat is something we envision on the princesses of Paramount, such as Jean Harlow, Mae West & Marlene Dietrich. These silver screen starlets were the pinups of Paramount Pictures at the height of The Golden Age of Hollywood, and are a huge inspiration to so many of us today.  

Image result for jean harlow fur coat
Our favorite original blonde bombshell,
Jean Harlow, wearing a coat very similar to The Pearl Coat in the 1930s.

Nothing says Old Hollywood, California & Golden Age cinema, than a Spanish style, Art Deco setting. The days are getting chillier as we debut into January, with the perfect opportunity to pair this Pearl with some platforms, and palm trees -Paramount style!

The bodice of the coat has vertical darts & seams, with a hint of fit and flare, making the coat a full on princess style coat, seen in the 1930s. It can absolutely be worn dressed down or dressed up, with a full wave set and some heels, or a quick pinned updo and flats, if you're running to the store. Add a moon or star brooch, and you are a deco dream!

Aside from classic black, the Pearl coat comes in wine & emerald green, all with gorgeous, chocolate faux fur trim. Faux fur can often look messy, matted, and low quality, but this coat obviously uses the highest quality trim, with a luxurious, realistic color and feel. The black textured wool is also ultra soft and cozy, complete with a sweet surprise underneath...

Related image

As if this coat wasn't already perfect, there is another added bonus that has us swooning in satin. The interior of this seemingly simple coat, has a lovely little lining of floral bundles & buds, with a darling pop of pinks and pastels. What a way to our heart! 💖🌹

Ashlyn wears black fur platforms with crystals from the 40s, and Tara wears lucite and black carved heels from the late 40s.

Related image

Our silver screen surroundings were carefully chosen, with Paramount Pictures in mind, and a never ending quest for nostalgia! The famous front gates of black wrought iron, are such an iconic symbol in cinematic history, and a reminder of the silver screen starlets to grace the stages, in the studios first on Sunset. 

xx T & A