Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pastels in Spring

Who is ready for Easter?  I know we are here in Southern California.  We had record rainfall this winter and that has brought us the most beautiful backdrop of Easter pastels surrounding our parks and neighborhoods at all times.  Considering most of my wardrobe is full of these colors, I am ecstatic to get outside and show off some of my favorite pastel pieces.  Today I had a lunch date with the family, so I wanted to keep is classy, not too casual, a hint of fun, and of course... appropriate for the upcoming Easter holiday!

A little fact about me; once I know what mood my outfit is, I always start with what I will wear on the bottom.  Not sure why, but this is always how I start.  So today it was my vintage eucalyptus green, vintage pencil skirt.  This is my favorite pencil skirt in my closet.  It fits perfectly, and I bought it for less than $5 at a thrift store years ago.  On top I wore a pastel pink, small floral print, sheer blouse with puffed sleeves.  This print has bits of the same green in my skirt for the leaves, so it's a match!  The fun part of this outfit was tying the ends of the blouse together in to a knot.  Doing this makes me feel like I am not too serious.  I paired it with a light pink floppy hat, a 1950s beaded purse I recently scored at an antique mall by my home, as well as lucite heeled sandals.

Happy Easter!


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