Sunday, April 2, 2017

Love & Luck in Las Vegas

Yee-haw! Its officially April, and the month of the famous "Viva Las Vegas". In honor, I'm showing you the pinkest spots in old Las Vegas, with wedding chapels and white horses, alongside my favorite nostalgic, neon pink motel...

Las Vegas sees more weddings than any other city in the world! It's because it does not require any waiting time, stacks of paperwork, blood tests, etc. So, it's no surprise Las Vegas is the town of quick Hollywood Honeymoons and cheesy chapels (yet AMAZING).

Obviously, Elvis Presley is an icon of the old Vegas days, and you can't go far without running into Elvis impersonators, or seeing newlyweds drive by in a pretty, pink Cadillac...

Clearly, I had to be festive to visit my favorite spots, while paying homage to Elvis. This pink cowgirl getup is all 1950s vintage, with a pink satin rodeo top finished in fringe, and some pink high waist, wool pants. Top it off with a pink felt hat, and some pink boots, and you're Dolly Parton approved...

Viva Las Vegas!
<3 Ashlyn

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