Monday, April 17, 2017

California Cacti Cuties, in Red Dolly Swim!

Introducing - Red Dolly Swim! Yet another pink collar gal owned business, catering to us retro-loving ladies...

Operated and owned by blonde babe, Heather Stepanik, this company came to be for all the same reasons as The Pink Collar Life, so it's only natural for us to feature such a fun, feminine, geared brand. With a background in design and merchandising, as well as bridal, this creative cutie later found a niche in nostalgic swimwear. What makes Red Dolly unique among other vintage inspired swimsuits, is that she makes suits for girls, as well as babies! The 'mommy & me' styling opportunities are endless, perfect for that growing family who loves the oldiesđź’– Pinks, pastels, primaries, polka dots, you name it, Red Dolly makes it.

As you may know, we are suckers for a good novelty print, and we couldn't be more excited to share with you our current Spring/Summer favorite...

Here we are, donning the new Pink & Green Cactus print, which is an adorable play on mid century art, reminiscent of a playful Palm Springs desert rendezvous! 

Tara is wearing the high-waist bikini set,
Ashlyn is wearing the one-piece version.

For all the mommies out there, we are linking you to the adorable little girl's one-piece version, as well as the babies one-piece version. Also, to top it all off, this cute cactus comes in the form of a headwrap - Pinup Perfection!

The soft pink background, featuring minty greens, kissed with a pop of hot pink accent, has us seriously swooning. Every vintage gal loves a cactus print, and we were especially enamored with this one. With a touch of ruffles & ruching, this bathing suit is fit for the bombshells, and is Palm Springs-poolside-ready! Things are heating up here in southern California, and this isn't the last time we'll be wearing this cacti cutie!

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<3 T & A

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pastels in Spring

Who is ready for Easter?  I know we are here in Southern California.  We had record rainfall this winter and that has brought us the most beautiful backdrop of Easter pastels surrounding our parks and neighborhoods at all times.  Considering most of my wardrobe is full of these colors, I am ecstatic to get outside and show off some of my favorite pastel pieces.  Today I had a lunch date with the family, so I wanted to keep is classy, not too casual, a hint of fun, and of course... appropriate for the upcoming Easter holiday!

A little fact about me; once I know what mood my outfit is, I always start with what I will wear on the bottom.  Not sure why, but this is always how I start.  So today it was my vintage eucalyptus green, vintage pencil skirt.  This is my favorite pencil skirt in my closet.  It fits perfectly, and I bought it for less than $5 at a thrift store years ago.  On top I wore a pastel pink, small floral print, sheer blouse with puffed sleeves.  This print has bits of the same green in my skirt for the leaves, so it's a match!  The fun part of this outfit was tying the ends of the blouse together in to a knot.  Doing this makes me feel like I am not too serious.  I paired it with a light pink floppy hat, a 1950s beaded purse I recently scored at an antique mall by my home, as well as lucite heeled sandals.

Happy Easter!


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Love & Luck in Las Vegas

Yee-haw! Its officially April, and the month of the famous "Viva Las Vegas". In honor, I'm showing you the pinkest spots in old Las Vegas, with wedding chapels and white horses, alongside my favorite nostalgic, neon pink motel...

Las Vegas sees more weddings than any other city in the world! It's because it does not require any waiting time, stacks of paperwork, blood tests, etc. So, it's no surprise Las Vegas is the town of quick Hollywood Honeymoons and cheesy chapels (yet AMAZING).

Obviously, Elvis Presley is an icon of the old Vegas days, and you can't go far without running into Elvis impersonators, or seeing newlyweds drive by in a pretty, pink Cadillac...

Clearly, I had to be festive to visit my favorite spots, while paying homage to Elvis. This pink cowgirl getup is all 1950s vintage, with a pink satin rodeo top finished in fringe, and some pink high waist, wool pants. Top it off with a pink felt hat, and some pink boots, and you're Dolly Parton approved...

Viva Las Vegas!
<3 Ashlyn