Monday, February 27, 2017

Pink Victorian

The reason may sound simple, but the colors of this day really put a spring in my step.  Unplanned, I put together an ensemble of pink and magenta hues, and stumbled upon a darling home with the same color scheme.   

My look started with a vintage pill box hat from Polished Raven.  With a pinwheel base of 
powder pink, lavender, and magenta, this hat is topped with a mini bouquet of floral, making me feel like a walking 1950s ceramic head vase.  Since this accessory started the planning of my 
outfit, I felt comfortable mixing these shades together in my outfit.   A 1950s style lavender pink pencil skirt, powder pink lace blouse, and dark pink marabou shrug was already quite the statement of pink until..... I found a matching house!  

It was a dream to stumble upon this turn of the century Victorian Folk style home with  
lavy-pink scalloped siding, gingerbread trim, an adorable jig saw fence, and not one but TWO magenta doors.  Truly meant to be!

xoxo, Tara

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