Sunday, February 5, 2017

Leopard Like Lombard

Rarely do I dress in all black, but if it's trimmed in leopard, I'm all in!  This is also particularly fitting to pair with this black, vintage, veil hat from my friends at Polished Raven.  Although not a typical accessory worn by many today, I still enjoy taking my outfits up notch for weddings, Sunday tea, oh heck I'll wear a hat anytime the outfit goes!  On a day like today when I'm out for a shopping trip in the historic community of Old Towne Orange, I am not alone when it comes to accessorizing.  With homes over 100 years old, and regulations in place to maintain the character and history of it's downtown and surrounding neighborhood, the residents and visitors also exude a charm in their personal style.  

When I acquired this leopard trimmed blazer from Jool's Couture, I thought of one of my favorite photograph's.  The leopard loving Carole Lombard!  In her short time of existence, she did so much to represent women in the film industry, as well as take on a strong shopping habit of leopard clothing and accessories!  Shown below is Lombard in two leopard trimmed outfits.   

Again in leopard, Carole Lombard for the film "Twentieth Century"

1940s cover from Home Chat Magazine featuring veil hat
Designer Jaques Fath 1951

xoxo, Tara

Hat: Polished Raven
Skirt and Jacket: Jool's Couture
Shoes: vintage

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