Tuesday, January 17, 2017

OOTD: Ice Pink

- Outfit of the Day -

" Ice Pink"

Casual, but classic, this is a very laid back & lazy outfit of the day, but dressed up by some simple accent pieces. The pink coat i'm wearing is thick and warm, from the 1950s, made of wool, and blended with camel hair. A coat like this can usually be worn as a dress, but since this one is button-less, it's not as practical for much colder weather. Since it has large, chevron dipped pockets, I don't even need a purse...just a fur - and go! It looks cheeky as a coat dress, and also looks amazing as a duster coat. . .she is quite the versatile piece for me.

Of course, we at The Pink Collar Life had to make pastel, pink, faux fur easily accessible for all our glamour gals, so my go-to, is our 20th Century Fox Fur in powder pink.

Icy pink falls more into the mauve pink category, and pairs great with any tones of powdery pink, lavender, and of course, crystals! To spruce up this ensemble, I added a large statement crystal rose brooch and some icy, pearl, pink sunglasses custom made by my friend, Lindy Sue. Mixing textures can be really fun, and I love to see my pink, satin, flats against a nice wool outfit. The shoes & sunglasses are also adorned in crystals of pink and lavender, so it was a no-brainer with these gems.

Dress: Vintage, 1950s "Gray Rose House of Fashion," Camohara Wool
Faux Fur: The Pink Collar Life "20th Century Fox Fur," Powder Pink

♡ Ashlyn 

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