Tuesday, August 30, 2016

fOO fOO Slippers

Fluffy, fancy, and fabulous describes these fifties throwback slippers, filling a much needed niche in today's mule market. A new brand, designed specifically to bring back that Old Hollywood Glam, is now offering custom made boudoir wedges that aren't just for indoors. Made of ethically sourced materials, these mules can be made in many color combinations to your liking. You pick the velvet base, you pick the fluff! That's how fOOfOO creates a pair unique to you.

Many of us long for a boudoir shoe that can be worn outdoor and indoor. Wear fOOfOO slippers indoor with a dressing gown, or for a night on the town! If you've always lusted after Mamie & Marilyn's mules, fOOfOO has created just the style to imbue the two. As just an intro to fOOfOO, we are showcasing our own style through the handmade pairs of Iris Powder Blue on black & Baby Pink on Cream, however the possibilities are endless.

Based out of the UK, we quickly made friends with the Pink Collar men behind the brand, Rob & Will, who also work as a duo. Handcrafted by Portuguese artisans in a family run workshop, it's not hard to see that the beauty and quality of these shoes are never compromised, and are 100% made with love and true detail. We talked in lengths with Creative Director, Will, about the fOOfOO brand, and can honestly attest to the utter greatness of this brand inside and out, from comfort and design, to ethics and ethos...

Q: How did the concept for fOO fOO come about? Was there a lack of something in this niche that caused you to create? 

A : These exquisite footwear are in abundance worldwide for the pavements, but when it's come to indoors there's a great void .There's very little around that looks feminine anymore, as slippers are usually sloppy and slovenly these days, unlike years previously. From the 1940s -1980s, there were some beautiful indoor footwear, often made from sumptuous materials. There's always been the high heel marabou mules available, but most women out there find them too uncomfortable, as really they are just a shoe with a decoration of marabou. I wanted to create something that looked as nice, but also felt and looked beautiful to wear. 

My wife loved the 70s style fluffy mules. I remember my family and friends wearing the big fluffy pompom mules as a child, and you always saw beautiful starlets in movies wearing the iconic fluffy mule. So I searched all over to get some for her. Eventually, I won a pair for about £70 on a online auction. Even though they were nice and looked glam, I just thought I could make them look so much better and refined, using much better fabrics . The base of the slipper was a nylon material which my wife said felt “not nice” on her feet. The fur was sheepskin, but it was coarse and very matted like a ball of candy floss. 

Just a few of the options offered! 

Q: Walk us through how these special shoes were sourced and made, and how the business started. 

A: So that's when my brain wave kicked in. I went into my workshop, ripped them to bits and recovered the heel, put memory foam on the base, and covered them with an off cut of velour I had left over, and lastly restructured the vamp. I then took a piece off a sheepskin rug I had and put them together. My wife loved them! “Why don't you start making these properly as a business?!” she said. I was very busy at the time with other things, so I put it to one side for the time being. All her friends used to comment on her slippers and were always asking me to make them some. So when things had calmed down, I decided to look into it. I bought in some heel units and some rubber for the sole unit, as well as all my other materials, and made up a batch. It's a long and timely process, and I knew if I was going to go at this as a business I would have to make some changes. I was traveling 600 miles alone just to get my sheepskin at the time, and it wasn't really as good as I wanted it...

....English wool is great to make clothes with and looks nice as rug, but for my slippers I wanted them to look and feel more like mink! And it wasn't that, but rather too coarse and too knotty. So it was back to the drawing board. Eventually I contacted a company in Europe and they sent out samples to me, which were stunning ! So the next week I arranged to fly out there and check out their warehouse. Not only were they exquisite but the colours were vast too. The guys at the factory were so great to work with, and so accommodating, letting me go through their endless stock. This was the one for me! I then approached one of the last shoemaker company's here in England, but the quality wasn't what I was looking for. After much of a roller coaster ride, we chanced upon two really nice girls, Natasha and Nancy from Nancyandme, who introduce UK companies to Portuguese shoemakers. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, it resulted in our meeting up with our partner Mario, who lives In the shoe making region of Portugal. Mario is an extremely talented artisan, and with the assistance of his wife and son, now puts my bases together. So now we had a structure and away we went, fOO fOO was created! 

Q: Tell us the story of the poodle doodle! 

A: The logo of fOOfOO was such a basic little sketch that I loved, as it looked so whimsical and looked similar to my two little dogs, gabby and jasmine, that became the sign on all our slippers. 

Q: We know you have some plans for new slippers, in color and design. What can we expect coming up from fOO fOO slippers without spilling too much? 

A: As a new company were we've started small, but as the company evolves, who knowd where it will be in the next 10 years. There's many plans in the pipeline including a larger colour range, from the velvet that wraps around the slipper, to multi-coloured fur on top. We will always stick with our signature heel as I think it's so classical, with beautiful contours. That's not to say we won't be bringing in a lower addition and for those who like to climb to high heights and go up in the world, there will be a higher heel. So basically what I want to do is bring back the glamour to the home. Why should a woman not feel like queen of her castle?

Here on The Pink Collar Life, we're giving you a special fOOfOO offer on your future order. Just use code : foofoopcl20 for £20 off !

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Neon Nights

Nostalgic neon nights of popsicles and Pabst, imbue the summers of sixties Americana, filled with retro rocketpops & ribbons tied in the highest of hair. With just the glow of a neon Pabst Blue Ribbon sign and a pink Philco fridge, it's hard not to have heart eyes, for a groovy, glowing, garage made glamorous with items of Lolita's & Lana's likings... 

"Ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean"

Every bombshell needs a Barbara (Unique Vintage that is). Made in the iconic black and white 1959 Barbie colors seen here, this sizzling swimsuit is also available in cherry red! Nothing is more retro than some rouge chevron stripes and some sunnies...

Image result for lana del rey flag
"I fall asleep in an American Flag" <3

Image result for lolita sue lyon
Sue Lyon as Lo, by Bert Stern 1962.

Image result for lolita sue lyon

My 1950's Jewel Mules in rouge marabou (exact pair seen on Marilyn Monroe) were definitely deserving of this davoon setting!

Image result for lana del rey neon

<3 Ashlyn

Friday, August 19, 2016

Cotton Candy Cuties

Carnivals, cotton candy and creme sodas have us on a cloud, as we relish in California's sizzling summer of sweets, and sunshine! Twinning in Tara Starlet was summer goals, as her adorably themed ensembles always have us retro-ready for a nifty and nostalgic time...

As you might know, we have a deep adoration for the "Dolly Sisters," played by June Haver and Betty Grable in the 1945 film. Though usually twinning, the girls similar to us, each had a liking for pink and blue. As pretty pastels, we will always love this marriage of our favorite shades. Lucky for us, Tara Starlet's Loveheart Romper comes in just those very hues of pink & blue. It was meant to be!

ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog, showing some retro pink heart cut-out fashion!
Much can be said about the Loveheart romper, but let's try to start at the beginning. Hearts were a huge novelty in the Golden Age, appearing in everything from prints, motifs, sunglasses and even bathtubs (think Jayne's Pink Palace). A romper was a major must have, especially seen in the 1940s through the 1970s. 

The Loveheart romper combines every element you could ever want for an ultra fun and feminine summer look. The adorable heart in the center makes for a Va-Va-Voom vintage aesthetic, with playful buttons worthy of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. Figure hugging, yet giving, the cotton twill is a breathable blend, perfect for those warm summer days and nights.

Wearing the Iconic Marilyn Hoops, available for purchase here in our store!

The Loveheart romper can be styled a number of ways. From nautical nineteen forties, all the way to disco darling, this piece is promised perfection. Today's mood was a mod mix of fun & flirty, with Juvenile Delinquent meets Lolita, adding some statement hoop earrings and matching scarves. Of course some carnival cotton candy was fresh from the fair with, frosties to finish!

Twins at a Fair in 1963

Always an inspiration, the playful Sue Lyon as iconic Lolita, 1962, with a lollipop and heart shades.

Get Tara Starlet's Loveheart Romper here!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Wine

Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring,
My summer wine is really made from all these things
....Oh, summer wine <3

Pink Collar gal Nancy Sinatra's Summer Wine (1966) was my inspiration for today's visit to the vineyards & vino. Established in 1969, Mount Palomar was the perfect place for a nostalgic afternoon, as California's countryside really starts to heat up, with hills kissed by a golden glow.

Sure to make an appearance was my vintage platforms, featuring of course - some cherry berries! For a 70s does 40s look, I matched my platforms to my Luxulite brooch, along with some vintage berry cluster earrings. Warm weather in the presence of barrels of berries and Bordeaux, called for fallen curls, a pink peasant top printed with daisies, a 1940s seersucker a-line skirt, and a vintage wicker purse. Nancy approved!

Enjoy nostalgia queen Lana Del Rey's cover of Nancy & Lee Hazlewood's Summer Wine.

<3 Ashlyn