Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bunnies & Bougainvillea

Glamour Bunny has once again brought out the bombshell bunnies in us, and this time, we are feeling extra lovely in the Loretta! A newer style just debuted by designer Gerry Roxby, this darling design comes in three colors. Each color is of Spring color palette, capturing the shades seen in the season's blooming blossoms and fancy fleurs. Whether you're a lover of lilac, bold in brilliant blue, or prefer to be pretty in pink, Loretta is the style for you, available in all of the shades mentioned. Today, we opted for our signature pink, which was undoubtedly the perfect choice for our glamorous garden gathering. . .

Now let's discuss the details of this incredible, interchangeable design. Loretta actually has built in snaps along the inside of the bust, making for a sweet, scalloped look, created with a removable white insert. Loretta can go Lolita, with some fancy frills - or simple and sexy, with just a snap! This versatile, voluptuous dress has us swooning, with its carefully thought structure, just as a real vintage dress would. 

Another thing that had us giddy, was the bustline, straps, and seams. We instantly thought of our favorite glamour gals Diana Dors & Jayne Mansfield with this dress. Both lovers of fun bright colors, balconette bustlines, and figure hugging wiggle dresses, the Loretta would surely be approved. The placement of the straps, and seaming across the front of the pattern, makes for the ultimate, true, bombshell dress in fit and appearance. 

Another thing we enjoy about Glamour Bunny's designs are the fabrics. Usually made of soft (but thick) stretchy, cotton, the dresses can be worn comfortably in any setting. Today, we joined our Pink Collar Gal of February - Jolee Blon, at The Jewel Box for some glamour in the garden. The California weather permitted us to enjoy some cocktails while we relished in the arrival of Spring, later sunsets, and blooming Bougainvillea. Sometimes, it's great to let loose without feeling confined by delicate and older fabric. The Loretta is so soft and comfy, it was hard to believe we were wearing such a high glam look!

Visit Glamour Bunny for fabulous, feminine, and beautiful bombshell style dresses. Also, stay tuned for more Glamour Bunny on The Pink Collar Life!

<3 T & A

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Floral Fantasy

It's Spring season with the Sorrento! and that time of year again for pretty pastels and feminine florals, topped with blonde bouffants. Today's floral fantasy is a whimsical ride down Winderman Lane, with cotton candy colored houses, surrounded by pretty palms and rich roses. The year is 1960, and the California beach town of Carlsbad is primped and prepped for Easter, with white picket fences, and colors of Easter eggs seen throughout the quaint & quirky homes.

A 1960's Cole advertisement read "The maddest thing on the beach this year is pastels. Blue is wild, pink is far gone, and beige is absolutely kookie."
Once again, The Pretty Dress Co. has captured the past with their Spring collection, infused with fifties florals prints. Lucky for us, our signature pairing of the colors China Blue & Dusky Pink, was made possible as the Pretty Dress Co.'s spring collection is an array of pretty pastels, including these shades. The trend for florals and pastels in the 1950s & 1960s was huge, and The Pretty Dress has brought us back to the Golden days, once again!

The Sorrento comes in numerous color combos such as china blue, dusky pink, white & red, and even more! Not only is this fantastic floral print available in a rainbow of colors, it is also available in all sorts of different patterns. Whether the silhouette you're looking for is a full skirt, or figure hugging, The Pretty Dress Co. has it all. 

Styling is easy when it comes to The Pretty Dress, as each creation immediately evokes a certain theme, and we knew a 1960's blonde bombshell look was just the thing for this darling design on Easter Sunday!  We each added matching vintage gloves of baby blue and baby pink, as well as vintage scarves and vintage 1950s/1960s cateye sunnies. To top it all off, we added an ivory satin bow atop our Bardot inspired blonde bouffants.

Vintage lucite heels with floating florals were just the things to make our toes twinkle <3

Happy Easter! 

<3 T & A

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sugar & Spice

....And everything nice! 
"Deliciously adorned in rich tones of dark, and brown sugar, and accented in passionate shades of spice, this suite is simply yummy! A pinch of nostalgia, a dash of persona, a splash of color, and a hint of romance are the secret ingredients for this delightful setting. Sweet Dreams!" 

A perfect description that accurately describes this darling, decedent, room at The Madonna Inn

And sweet dreams it was, as I made sure to indulge in some sparkling pink champagne, and Madonna's signature Black Forest Chocolate cake. This suite has rich pink velvet curtains, that upon opening overlook the whimsical terrace, complete with pastel chairs and white picket dollhouse fencing with heart cutouts. Suffice it to say, this is the mecca of Pink Collar land, as you've probably discovered from our previous posts...

As any Pink Collar girl would, I plan my outfits according to my surroundings. In this case, I had just the ensemble for some Sugar & Spice. My Schiaparelli 1950s gold, glitter, lace, Spring-o-lators were the perfect pair to pack on this staycation.

Our Betty's Boa in Blonde was sure to make an appearance, perfectly blending with the cremes and cocoas of the suite. The Gentlemen Caller earrings were also just the thing to add some dazzle, inspired by Marilyn's "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," sequence <3

The walls are covered in bubblegum pink paint, and vintage pink damask wallpaper. Accents include gilded cherubs and candelabras, and high gloss pink posts and moulding. 

Coco loves Cocoa <3

Now for the dress! This gem of a garment is a 1950s lace fishtail dress, adorned with chocolate fur trimming, and finished with a bow. One of my favorites, it is a soft pink taffeta, with a creme lace overlay and a gorgeous true, bombshell, silhouette.

I hope this made your day a little bit sweeter!

<3 Ashlyn