Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Saguaro Springs

Spring is slowly approaching, and what better city to show off some springtime hues, than Palm Springs. With streets lined with palms, and Mid-Century Modern historic homes, the city oozes nostalgia and charm.The Saguaro in Palm Springs is a splash of technicolor, and can be easily recognized from it's rainbow exterior and unique architecture. This charming boutique hotel is a mid-mod mecca, with a whimsical, bold, color palette inspired by the flowers of the desert. 

With the pretty paint job and color blocking at the Saguaro, I knew just the frock to wear for some frolicking and fun. Reminiscent of a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress meets a flamingo, this darling vintage design is a springtime favorite, featuring my favorite colors of mint and pink, in pretty pastels. For my 1960's bombshell look, some gold accents and polly heels were a must! 

<3 Tara

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Le Palais Polka Dots

Le Palais by Miss Winny is the holy grail of one-of-a-kind retro revival designs. Model Miss Winny is not only elegant and stunningly beautiful, but she is extremely talented. Winny is constantly debuting new pieces almost weekly, and each design is flawless, feminine and fun. Infused with all eras of glamour, Winny gives us everything from the Marlene Dietrich style suit, to the sexy siren wiggle dress. From polka dots, plaids, and pinks, to satins and sparkles, Le Palais has literally every vintage inspired design under the sun.

Our dear friend Susana of Vestige Photography  has had the pleasure to shoot Miss Winny, and we had the pleasure to showcase her beautiful designs last year in a fun collaboration. Below is Winny's polka dot romper, which was extra cute and had me feeling like Betty Grable, with short shorts to show off the gams <3  

You can only purchase Miss Winny's designs here.

<3 Ashlyn

Friday, January 15, 2016

La Dolce Vita

Like the Pink Collar Life, The Pretty Dress Company was born in history, having come from Gravesend, an ancient town in England, rich with historical importance. With designs inspired by our favorite eras in film and fashion, The Pretty Dress Co. is unique among the rest, for their high quality tailoring, fabrics, and attention to fit, much like fashions of the forties and fifties. 

The Pretty Dress Co. is also inspired by silver screen starlets of the past, and burlesque bombshells of the present. We first fell in love with The Pretty Dress Co. last summer, but it was when we saw the decadence and details of our own Pink Collar Gal, Immodesty Blaize's edit, that we were completely swooning and smitten. If you haven't read our exclusive with Immodesty, she told our readers about her recent work with The Pretty Dress Co., showing off the form flattering fit, as if we weren't already in love with the Immodesty aesthetic! As we continue our month of Immodesty from December into the New Year, we are showcasing our favorite pieces as a continuation of our collaboration, beginning with the Fatale Embroidered Pencil and Prom Dress...

It's the sweet, pink collar life, when you have found a label with a line that captures bold bombshell aesthetic with beautiful baroque, reminiscent of a romantic Rome in the 1950's & 1960's. Federico Fellini's 1960 film La Dolce Vita, is an inspiration with it's comedic plot and picturesque views of Italy. We thought the old Spanish architecture of our California was reminiscent of a Roman Holiday, and also a nod to our Riviera girl Immodesty, often seen frolicking along the European Coasts, with palms swaying and seas sparkling.   

Anita Ekberg, while filming, draped in fur

Now we will illustrate just how good these romantic dresses of Spanish and Italian themes really are! This dress is dimensional, with layers of different fabrics, similar to couture dresses we own of earlier eras. Stepping into the dress, truly feels like you're putting on a vintage gown, as you are hugged by rich sateen, and tulle, featuring crimson embroidered roses strategically placed along your curves. The sewing techniques are inline with old couture dress making, leaving no detail unfinished or unattended to. Some off-the-shoulder designs fall, and don't stay put, causing you to worry about having a Jayne Mansfield and Sophia Loren moment. With this dress, the gathering at the shoulders and quality finishes, holds the dress right where it should be.

Italian beauty and Immodesty inspiration Sophia Loren, wearing a similar dress featuring floral embroidery, tulle and a full skirt

Having won an Oscar for best costumes, La Dolce Vita features numerous Fatale style dresses, with sensual black lace and tulle, showing some serious decolletage, just as our Pretty Dress designs. 

A mini Fountain of Trevi!

We accessorized our ensembles with our own Pink Collar Life designs of faux fur, in oxblood and noir, perfectly complimenting the color combination of The Pretty Dress Co.

The incredible embroidery falls perfectly throughout the full tulle skirt, with gorgeous, fluid, movement as you walk

The bodice of the Prom Dress and the Pencil dress is sturdy and strong, accentuating and supporting the bosom, while maintaining a tiny waist and pop of the hips!

Anita in the Fountain of Trevi

To shop these styles and more, visit The Pretty Dress Company for all of your vintage inspired dress needs! From work wear to wedding attire, The Pretty Dress has numerous designs catering to the modern day bombshell. Stay tuned for more of our favorite picks from Pretty Dress Co.!

<3 T & A

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Max Factor Hollywood Museum Part II

As the second part of The Max Factor Hollywood Museum series on The Pink Collar Life, we will continue the last part of the tour with the Redheads Only Room, aka the green room. As you've discovered, the Museum has themed rooms, each catering to the haircolors of certain sirens and starlets, and their shades. 

The Blondes Only Room is a beautiful shade of baby blue, making those platinums pops, while The Brunettes Only Room is the perfect peachy-pink. Last but not least, The Redheads Only Room is a mystical minty green! I'm not sure if this is a coincidence - or Mr. Max Factor's work, but each room seems to go according to the color theory that I learned in beauty school. On the color wheel, red is directly across from green, meaning the colors compliment and neutralize one another, which is very obvious when entering this room of such harmonious Hollywoodesque hues. . .

Looking at Jean Harlow's Picturegoer covers
The walls are covered with portraits of Hollywood's greatest stars
Wigging out!
Greta Garbo's personal items
Men's grooming and hair pieces
Jean Harlow on original publications c. 1930's
Paper following Harlow's death

Spotted: Marilyn, Mae, Mansfield 
Having a seat in the famous Max Factor makeover chair

Beloved Lucy's items

Rita Hayworth's items

More beauty items from the Green Room
Hallway covered in autographs and original movie posters
Mae West in the Lobby

Outside, in front of Mel's
Believe it or not, there is much more at the Museum that we didn't cover, including more glamorous gowns upstairs, as well as Marilyn's Cadillac or Cary Grant's Rolls Royce. You'll just have to see this place for yourself! Don't forget to check our Factor's Follies Crown in our shop, inspired by this make-up museum!

"You are not born glamorous, glamour is created."

- Max Factor 
(1877 - 1938)

<3 Ashlyn