Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday with Besame

Welcome December! It's almost the Holiday, and thanks to Besame, i'm feeling extra prepared, and painted in cosmetics all inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood beauty. California's brisk cold, always requires bold, and so - a decadent, deco coat, and a dark & daring new shade of lipstick is the right way to a December debut!

A walk around the vintage homes featuring gingerbread style architecture and poinsettia's lining the windows, was whimsical wonderland.. 

For this 1930s inspired look, it's all about the rich browns and cool undertones. I'm wearing one of my favorite princess coats from the 1940s, with raccoon patterned trimmings on the hood & hemline, and a double breasted closure. My faux mink is a new color way we've just added to The Pink Collar Life online boutique, in the perfect rainbow of chocolate browns. This color is an absolute must have, and pairs nicely with virtually any vintage outfit you could think of!

Collectible Besame Girl Brush Holder, for your Rouge Brush, seen with Besame's Cream Rouge Blush & signature 1945 American Beauty Lipstick

Besame's beautiful Holday Bag, for all your Besame beauties! Also seen with 1938 Cream Rouge Blush in Crimson, and Besame's Silk Scarf

A vintage must-own for any glamour girl in the Fall/Winter, is some tortoiseshell. This design was used in sunglasses, lucite bags, and lucite heels and always makes me think: classic! I love a good rounded, circular, eyewear shape (seen in the 30s/40s) and especially in this pattern.

No makeup collection is complete without Besame's mini powders & Decades of Fragrances!
Besame's limited edition holiday bag is currently the star of my vanity, as its the perfect grab and go, for all of your trinkets and treasures. I always carry at least one Besame fragrance roller vial wherever I go. Luckily, these are small enough for easy carrying, but surprisingly long lasting. 1910-1960, there is surely a decade for you! Today i'm wearing my 1930...

A girl has got to have some gloves and gam-elongating heels. I'm wearing some plum brown, leather gloves, alongside my tiger fur Spring-o-lators. Prints, prints, prints! 

Vintage clothing is easy to come by, but it is difficult (and probably unsafe) to use vintage cosmetics. Besame creates exact reproduction beauty products from our favorite bygone eras, and does so in an incredibly flawless manner, looking just as though i'm peering through the cases of The Max Factor Museum. Not only am I a fan for life, and blown away by their packaging, but i'm truly in love with the quality, application, and smells of their products. I'm always looking for that thrill of being transported back in time, and Besame does that for me <3

Above, i'm applying "Noir Red," which is a replica of a 1930 lipstick shade (and apparently an exact match to my gloves!) This color is bold, but beautiful and seductive, and perfect for a sultry 20s/30s/40s style. My cheeks are extra peachy & pigmented, picking up those leaves, thanks to Besame's 1938 Apricot Cream Rouge Blush. I apply in circular motions with my fingers, and start with a small amount and work up to my desired depth of color. 

x Ashlyn

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