Thursday, December 8, 2016

Daggers in December

Well, well, well, where do we begin? You may have noticed by now, our love & lust for this iconic design. The bleeding heart, pierced with a sword, debuted in the 1940s across a knit sweater, and became all the rage and most desired among other novelty designs... 

Although a more recent Schiaparelli runway showcased the rebirth & revival of the heart and dagger, it was Susan Dannenberg of Los Angeles who became the originator of the famous "Jezebel" design you see below. She began to knit sweaters with over the top appliques, hoping to distract from her "stocky" figure, but they were so adorable, and well received by her friends, that she started a business of it. 

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A 1947 issue of LIFE magazine featured the "Suse Sweater" in the design of Jezebel, making the design highly desirable, and putting Suse sweaters in great demand. Suse sweaters were seen on Ginger Rogers, Loretta Young, and more..

Obviously, a Suse original is impossible to come across, but thank heavens for Ains & Elke, who does immaculate recreations of the picture perfect, classic, 1940s sweaters! Though a reproduction of the bleeding heart, this style haus uses their original sweater pattern, and have made it their own. 

Let's get into the details..

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She can make this incredible sweater with a shorter sleeve, or a 3/4 style option. Ashlyn is wearing the shorter sleeve version, and Tara is wearing the longer sleeve style. These sweaters are meant to come up shorter than most, to accommodate a high waisted trouser, as seen above. They are made of acrylic yarn, and are very soft and comfortable.

White Trousers from Vivien of Holloway

The shape of her sweaters are the most feminine, forties accurate style we have ever seen. The waists are cut extremely narrow, and the sleeves have the perfect little pin-tucks to create that authentic puff sleeve. The Jezebel inspired sweater is beyond our wildest dreams, but just wait until you find what other novelty designs she can do. Parrots & poodles, kittens & crabs, flamingos & fishys, your hearts will explode! What a way to spread some Christmas cheer -We have many more on our list for Santa..

Image result for suze sweater 1940s

Image result for heart sweater 1940s

Image of Ginger
We loved this design so much,
it became a turban design when we first debuted our online store.
 Ginger is available here!

Thanks again Ains & Elke for bringing back the best of the best in forties fashion! 

<3 T & A

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