Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pumpkin Spice

Nostalgia in November is never a disappointment with novelty skirts, pretty pins, and fallen leaves on the forest floors, in colors of green & gold. Today I'm wearing autumnal colors of camel and pumpkin, channeled into a felt skirt and top combo, accessorized with bangles & brooches.

This skirt is a 1950s felt circle skirt, featuring an embroidered leaf pattern, embellished with gold studs. Spring-o-lator heels have clear uppers, with golden studs & stones, with a fully covered heel of pumpkin colored crystals! These shoes are seriously dedicated to the months of October & November...

For authentic looking bangles with a large selection, Splendette is my # 1 choice, as seen above.

<3 Ashlyn 

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