Sunday, November 6, 2016

Miss Fortune

We have the absolute fortune to share with you this Mid-Century-Made-in-the-UK geared label,  for all you misses out there - no misfortune here! Today we are bringing back the bombshell with "Bobbie," a practical, pink-collar, pullover featuring delightful diamonds, of a heavenly harlequin patterned print. 

Just released and brand spanking new are these two color ways of "Harvest," and "Pink Lemonade!'

The designer of Miss Fortune, Laura, has been creating the cutest of cardigans for quite some time, as she began just over ten years ago. Inspired by the golden age of glam, she says, "I am also inspired by people that I know, I like to design my outfits with someone I know in mind, I think "what would they look great in?"

Well, we were tickled pink when Laura said that she imagined her new 'Pink Lemonade' Bobbie colorway for The Pink Collar Life! We love her theory of designing with real people in mind, as she feels it makes her clothing more appealing and practical... She is quite right!

Miss Fortune carries everything you could ever need for a real retro style, including (but not limited to) blouses, sweaters, dresses, and skirts. Gone girls go crazy for her jumpers (we are hooked!) and this is just what we'll be showing you today...

The Bobbie jumper is your quintessential Mid-Century Modern sweater, with a classic cropped silhouette and short sleeves. What we love most, is that its fabric is a nice, thick, acrylic fabric - just like a real Orlon sweater of the 1950s. This sweater is no joke, it is so close to the real thing, that it's hard not to want one in every color!

Though the harlequin trend was a popular novelty print in the 50s, the Bobbie is also perfect for a 1940s look - even more so in a muted, fall color palette (Bobbie also comes in solid colors, such as mustard and wine). Being late October, we kept it festive for fall, yet with a pink color twist! We recommend pairing these jumpers with jeans, cigarette pants, or high waist swing trousers. 

Obviously, the Bobbie & a bullet bra really makes the sweater puppies pop!

We have a few more surprises up our sleeves with Miss Fortune. Stay tuned for more of something really special (and spooky!) 

In the meantime, checkout Miss Fortune on:

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