Monday, November 21, 2016

Autumn Leaves

Leaves of red and gold are one of my favorite sights of the fall & winter season. Autumn leaves, angora, and trees, helped set the mood for this fine fall day in a Hollywood park. Friend and photographer Tom Stratton and I were working on a different project, but happened to take some impromptu photos, that turned out to be a fun day of frolicking in the fall foliage...

Some of my favorite pictures of Marilyn Monroe by Milton Greene feature her enjoying nature with a natural happiness, no matter what she had endured. The different colored trees and sunlit forest floor was incredibly beautiful, as well as nostalgic as I pictured my favorite photos of the past.

The great thing about fall wardrobe is that I can bring out my rainbow of wool skirts and fuzzy sweaters. This day I kept it classic and simple with minimal pieces, wearing a nutmeg brown 1950's wool wrap skirt and a 1950's winter white angora sweater. I began with some sparkly springolators, but kicked those off straight away <3

Image result for john vachon marilyn monroe

xx Ashlyn

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