Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cobweb Cardigan

Now that we've reached cooler temperatures, lets bring out this season's go-to cardigan... or how about a cobweb cardigan?  Always inspired by this long time novelty trend of spiders and webs, it's a must that, like polka dots, it is designed in a way that it does not look like a piece picked up from the costume store.  Our friend at Mischief Made has released the Spider Web Cardigan done in our signature colors of pink and blue, as well as a black option.  

As a mom I am frequently rushing out of the house.  This soft and cozy 3/4 sleeve cardigan can be slipped on with jeans or a cotton skirt, and I still feel like I am wearing something special.  Below you can see me slightly toned down (than what is usually here at The Pink Collar Life) in braids, a red lip, along with a black and white gingham skirt on the bottom.  On this day I visited one of my favorite neighborhoods in Orange County.  This 1940 built, black and white colonial had large trees  that had already lost much of their leaves that were casting a fitting spooky shadow on the face of the home.  

Happy Halloween! 
xo, Tara

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