Monday, August 8, 2016

Strawberry Lemonade Meringue

This sizzling summer day required a refreshing daily dose of fresh florals, and colors reminiscent of delicious drinks and decadent desserts. We adore sweet treats, and wardrobes reminiscent of such palettes, like last summer's keylime pie. With hair the color of strawberry lemonade, my Ascot Seville Lemon Swing Dress from The Pretty Dress Co. added a nice tang of lemon meringue... 

Made of cotton sateen of the prettiest pale yellow, the Seville print features beautiful blossoms in complimentary shades of pinks and rouge. With golden blossoms in full bloom on the streets of Los Feliz, this pretty dress was extra fun and fabulous to frolic in. 

As always, a candy colored vintage truck makes a debut, in a delicious shade of strawberry. This 1950s inspired silhouette is perfect for some car cruisin' down the golden streets of the Old Hollywood <3 

<3 Tara

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