Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ladies of the Land

A Mid Century mansion & Maggie were a match made in heaven, and a perfect pink collar pairing. The Maggie dress by Glamour Bunny is a lovely 1940s shapely silhouette, filled with pleats and peach blossoms. It's rare that a company succeeds making a true to 40s style dress (mostly gravitating towards 50s shapes) and Glamour Bunny's Maggie.... is magnifique!  

Reminiscent of a land girl during WWII, this dress captures the nostalgia of our favorite era, all with believable colors and a delicate & darling print. Made of a soft periwinkle blue, peach blossoms cover the dress, with harmonious matching peachy lapel and sleeve accents. The tailoring is fabulous, giving just enough V for a touch of cleavage, and sharp, elegant, lines making for crisp cuffs. The added bonus to Maggie is her perfectly placed pleats, and contrasting belt.

A frock fancy enough for a frolic in the garden of our favorite pink palace in Los Feliz, Maggie was just the thing to pick some roses, and go barefoot. Lovely enough, this dress has subtle pastel tones that pair perfectly with some pastel pink hair. To add another pop of color, a pair of bright 1940s inspired sunnies are always our go to.

 La vie en rose! <3

<3 T & A

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