Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Retro Rainbow

This Harlequin dress design from The Pretty Dress Co., known as the Priscilla in "Miami" print, couldn't be a more perfect fit for the Orleans Casino, Las Vegas. The Casino is a colorful and festive explosion of Mardi Gras meets French Quarter, and this fun Harlequin print dress was made for such a setting. 

Of course, this 59' turquoise Impala, AKA "Cateye," was a marvelous mid-century accessory for a complete Pink Collar Life! The "Miami" print is made of vibrant hues, including turquoise, lavender, pink, lemon, orange....basically all the colors of the rainbow <3

With pretty pastels and retro rainbows, we adore the exterior of this Casino and made it a point to capture its beauty while accessorizing appropriately! 
Enter The Pretty Dress, who is our go-to for vintage inspired glitz & glam of the highest quality. As you've seen, this modern brand brings the Golden Age to life, covering all decades and trends. Reminiscent of a 1950s sundress, the Priscilla is simply #1 for ready-to-wear. Constructed immaculately with true-to-vintage aesthetics, this dress is not only the perfect fit and pattern, but comes in the cutest colors! We love our Priscilla in Candy Stripe, Gingham, and of course the new dazzling diamond print.

Wear this dress with some iconic, classic gold hoops, and be sure to add some fun with color blocking, through vintage heels and handbags. Pastel gloves never hurt either!

<3 T & A

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