Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gardening Gals

Campbell Crafts specializes in everything from full on glamour, to off duty vintage vixen! Having won The National Vintage Award for "best online shop," and also using a 1957 Airstream with a pink interior as their mobile boutique, this unique UK brand is adorable & affordable. Campbell Crafts carries many of our favorite reproduction brands, such as Atomic Swag and Luxulite, but has now started to offer their own brand of clothing! Enter the adorable Diner & Bowling separates...

Available in a darling dress or a bombshell blouse, the diner shirt is available in all of our favorite pastel shades - and also our signature, black & pink! Each top has pretty piping in a contrasting shade, making for the perfect pop of color for spring & summer ensembles. Today, we wore the Diner shirt in pastel yellow, with baby blue piping and white lapel, as well as the light blue shirt, with pastel yellow piping and white lapel. To finish off the blouses, Campbell Crafts adds darling, demure, bowling pin brooches for just a touch of fun & fanciness. 

Poodle puppies & pink <3

A spring stroll down a whimsical Wysteria-ish lane called for our Campbell Crafts blouses paired with some white cotton and eyelet capri pants - in true 50s/60s fashion. This look was more classic, however leave a few buttons open - and voila! Vintage Vixen <3 With the spice of Sandra Dee, mixed with 60s housewives vibes, this look could never be 'old-fashioned.' 

Thanks to Campbell Crafts excellent tailoring, this blouse is fitted and feminine with nice little puff sleeves and a tapered bodice. It's the little details that count, and Campbell Crafts has created the perfect ready-to-wear Diner shirt. These tops can be worn in many ways other than what we show here today, such as worn un-bottoned at the bottom, and tied in the front, or with a pencil skirt.

A pale yellow 1950s home with white regency trim, and blossoms in full bloom, was a lovely, lemon setting for our Diner shirts. We added the perfect shade to our yellow & blue hues, to finish off our look. Yes, PINK! Today, our hair is pastel pink, using products such as Davines, and Ion in "rose." 

We hope you enjoyed our pastel Springtime Sandra Dee-licious frolic with Campbell Crafts. Now be sure to visit Campbell Crafts here! 

x T & A x

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