Friday, May 6, 2016

Fifties Bad Girl Part IV - The Last Pink Motel

It's another part to our popular series "Fifties Bad Girl," as we visit our favorite pink playground in all of Old Las Vegas, which we were seen visiting in our previous post: The Pink Motel. This is indeed our last hurrah and grand finale, as sadly this darling pink motel is getting a rather drab make over - to grey! *GASP*

Las Vegas has done its part in preserving some historical Mid-Century gems, but the de-pinkification of this darling dream makes us especially sad. Perhaps we should show to a board meeting and fight this pink plight! In the meantime, let's enjoy and revel in the retro realness of this nostalgic explosion of pink & palms.

Of course, a trip to this pink motel wouldn't be complete without or signature colors of pink & black. Thanks to our friends and sponsors over at The Pretty Dress Co., we were dressed to impress in custom pink playsuit perfection! A 1950s gingham print and sarong pattern is excellently executed in this darling design.

Now, let's toast some pink champagne in honor of the last Pink Motel! 
Hopefully we've created some inspiration in remembrance, that will carry on for years to come.

<3 T & A

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