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Angelique Noire!

It's officially April, the month for Viva Las Vegas, and a kick off to the many festivities to come! Thankfully, we are joined by Angelique Noire who couldn't be a more perfect judge at  "The Pink Collar Ball," held at Viva Las Vegas. Not only are we excited to have this beauty queen as a guest at our Ball, but we are over the moon to feature her as this month's Pink Collar Gal of the month...

Barbie! By Vestige Photography. Hair by Angelique, Make-up by Jennifer Corona 

A pink collar gal follows her dreams, and is a woman who wears many hats, sharing art and living life fully, with lots of added glitz & glamour in between. Angelique Noire is just that, as a full on Glamazon who dominates, doing everything from Hair & Make-up artistry, self styling, Real Estate sales, print modeling, being a mommy, and so much more! She has sizzled down runways, graced beauty books including one by Dita Von Teese, fashion magazines, and television commercials worldwide - fully living a pink collar life. Angelique's statuesque, exotic, beauty expresses her passion for the world of the Old Hollywood glamour, and 1940s & 1950s era pin up modeling.

Angelique is not only a jaw dropping beauty, but she has a warm, compassionate heart, and not to mention is always dressed immaculately, often debuting her own personal vintage collection - which is to die for! We adore her for her many talents, as well as her ability to create unique and inspiring art, full of beauty and nostalgia of the Golden Age. 

We asked Angelique about her pinup perfection beauty regimen, favorite places to find vintage, what makes her feel confident, and much more. The dish herself is ready to dish!

Angelique & Tara for Pinup Alternative Magazine, by Jason Kamimura 
Q: You are a total bombshell with gorgeous hair, a killer body, and glowing skin. Is this all genetic, or is there a beauty routine you follow?

A: I have to give credit to genetics for my physical appearance. That doesn't mean I lack taking measures to maintain what I have. To preserve my skin and hair, I use organic products to cleanse and moisturize. Coconut oil and Olive oil are my favorite oils to use in various ways. I use Black Soap or Castille Soap to cleanse my skin and hair. I also use Baking Soda once a month to wash my hair and rinse with Apple Cider vinegar. 

Angie's beautiful natural hair!

Q: When did you begin modeling, and what are some of your biggest accomplishments?

A: I began modeling many years ago. It wasn't an easy start in that I was rejected by various agencies. Some claimed I was "too commercial" and others claimed I was "too exotic", which are total opposites. I figured they had no idea how they wanted to market me. I kinda gave up trying for a few years, but later tried again. I ended up being represented by one of the most renown modeling agencies in the world! I remembered seeing a fashion spread of Naomi Campbell from the March 1995 Vogue EspaƱa shot by Matthew Rolston. It was AMAZING! I wished to do an amazing shoot like Naomi's and I wanted to work with Matthew Rolston soooo bad. A few years after I began modeling my agents sent me on an audition that I booked for Joe Boxer that was being shot by Matthew Rolston!!!!! I was overly excited and couldn't believe that I booked a job with my favorite photographer! In addition to that job, over the years I also did several campaigns with Matthew Rolston which included 6 campaign seasons for Wilson's Leather, various commercials and/or print ads for Talbots, Sear, Tampax, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, and more. Not only did I work with a multitude of incredibly talented photographers, I also grew an extensive list of credits doing many other print, runway, and commercial jobs. I even acted in a few TV shows.

Hair & Makeup by Angelique herself. Photo by Holly West
Angelique with Dita Von Teese at Dita's 'Your Beauty Mark' book event

Q: Like us, you have a love for vintage. What are some of your favorite vintage finds? Where do you do most of your shopping?

A: I love lucite purses! My favorite lucite purse is white, with a clear carved lid, and double handles. I got it for $60 and it is flawless! I tend to do most of my vintage shopping online through Etsy and EBay mostly.

Q: Is there any item of clothing/accessory/makeup item, that makes you feel sexy/confident?

A: The combo of garter belts and hosiery...I have a love hate relationship with them though. I love how garters look as they hold up my stockings, but it sure it not fun trying to put on a garter belt sometimes. For me, it is not a quick process to do when in a hurry.

By Vestige Photography. Hair by Angelique Noire, Make-up by Jennifer Corona 

Q: Who is/are your favorite current fashion designers?
A: My favorite designers are Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera, and Oscar de la Renta. 

By Vestige Photography. Hair by Angelique Noire, Make-up by Jennifer Corona 

Q: You inspire many, who do you look up to?

A: For my style sense, I am inspired by Dita Von Teese, Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, and many other Hollywood starlets of the 1940s and 50s.

Photo by A.J. Pics, Inc. Hair & Make-up by Angelique Noire

Q: You're are a busy woman with a family, modeling jobs, and are an up and coming luxury real estate agent. If you ever have them, what do you do on your days off?

A: My days off are not really days off...I am running errands, organizing whatever needs organizing (appt., meetings, household, etc), and doing mommy stuff. Every now and then when I feel like I don't want to do anything, I will watch classic movies and order food to be delivered.

Photo by Vestige Photography. Hair by Tony Medina (His Vintage Touch) Make-up by Angelique Noire
Q: What's next for Angelique?

A: I am super excited about this year's VLV19. I will be running to all the fun things I have scheduled. I am judging 3 contests, doing appearances and autograph signings, and more! 

Photo by Vestige Photography
Q: You are a guest judge at the upcoming Pink Collar Ball at Viva Las Vegas. Can you give any words of encouragement for ladies submitting themselves for the Vintage Glamour Award?

A: Though it will be a contest, I am sure everyone will look absolutely stunning. Whether or not the women who participate take home the top prize, each participant is sure to be a source of inspiration.

Angelique, Tara, Ashlyn & Jenny Rieu by Jason Kamimura

Q: What is the best pick up line you have received?

A: A sincere compliment never hurts to start a conversation going. I love my gays, and their keen sense for detail, but I am always thrilled when heterosexual men compliment my lucite purses.

Angelique Noire on Pinterest

Come meet Angelique at our Pink Collar Ball, Viva Las Vegas, Saturday Evening, at the Piano Bar and also get your signed book "Kittens & Kulture" by Vestige Photography, featuring Angelique throughout! 

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