Monday, March 7, 2016

Travelin' Twins

It's time for some more Millie Moore, as we head out in style, with a nod to novelty and souvenir prints, popular of the 1940s & 1950s, as well as the mother road of America, Route 66. Today, Postcards & collectibles are not nearly as cute as one would find in the Golden days, with darling illustrations to make vacation rendezvous all the more memorable. From six shooters and bucking broncos, to hula honeys and hibiscus, artwork style of the past is eminent in nostalgia, and truly a throwback to the way we once were. 

America's states each had their own attraction, and each created advertising and hype to get more, and more visitors. Glasses, scarves, handbags, and other items, were all decorated in novelty artwork, depicting the famous states and what they were known for. Collectibles today, it always makes us smile when we come across these items of nostalgia, but we had yet to find it in a dress...

Enter Millie Moore of California! We were instantly smitten as we swooned over the State Travel Print wiggle dress, and how it related to us. Not only is it true Americana in theme, but us Pink Collar gals love to travel, and travel in style. On an endless quest for nostalgia & fun, this dress epitomizes why the Pink Collar Life began. It would only be right to take it with us aboard our travels, that we've only just begun <3

A hair scarf is always needed to keep those pin curls perfect. And of course, we matched our scarves to our baby blue, 50' Ford.

During World War II, more westward migration was booming, partly due to war related industries in California. Started in 1926, Route 66 by the 40s was already popular and fully paved, and it became the main highway by the 1950s, for vacationers heading to Los Angeles. The historic highway ran through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Illinois and more - just a few  adorable states depicted on this dress!

Here as we say sayonara Thelma & Louise style, in our souvenir print, in front of a historic Pink Collar house, built in 1902. As you can see, the print features our favorite, fun, colors, bursting with spring and summer shades such as salmon, mint, blue, yellow, and more.

Not only are we obsessed with Millie's Travel dress for it's print, but also for its forties/fifties cut and pattern details. Many reproduction dresses all begin to look the same, but we had never seen such a wonderfully pleated and detailed bust, with a nod to a flattering 40s bustline. The material is a soft, crisp, structured cotton and the base color is a cream, looking and feeling very authentic. The detail is incredible, and truly made us feel like we were wearing vintage, which hardly ever happens. 

Our trunks are always full with precious cargo, as we never know what we'll be getting into! 

To get into the road trippin' summer spirit, we brought the ukulele, as the state of Hawaii had some of our favorite novelty prints<3 

Today's look was a late 40s/early 50s style, with headscarves, circular shades & rolled pincurls. To achieve this, we parted our hair in the middle, and started with a section at the ear up, creating one roll on each side, leaving the bottom full and wavy.

As always, thank you for joining alongside our adventures, with more to come!

Don't forget to visit Millie Moore, as this dress not only comes in ivory, but also a navy travel print, and a plain satin plum.

x T & A x


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