Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sugar & Spice

....And everything nice! 
"Deliciously adorned in rich tones of dark, and brown sugar, and accented in passionate shades of spice, this suite is simply yummy! A pinch of nostalgia, a dash of persona, a splash of color, and a hint of romance are the secret ingredients for this delightful setting. Sweet Dreams!" 

A perfect description that accurately describes this darling, decedent, room at The Madonna Inn

And sweet dreams it was, as I made sure to indulge in some sparkling pink champagne, and Madonna's signature Black Forest Chocolate cake. This suite has rich pink velvet curtains, that upon opening overlook the whimsical terrace, complete with pastel chairs and white picket dollhouse fencing with heart cutouts. Suffice it to say, this is the mecca of Pink Collar land, as you've probably discovered from our previous posts...

As any Pink Collar girl would, I plan my outfits according to my surroundings. In this case, I had just the ensemble for some Sugar & Spice. My Schiaparelli 1950s gold, glitter, lace, Spring-o-lators were the perfect pair to pack on this staycation.

Our Betty's Boa in Blonde was sure to make an appearance, perfectly blending with the cremes and cocoas of the suite. The Gentlemen Caller earrings were also just the thing to add some dazzle, inspired by Marilyn's "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend," sequence <3

The walls are covered in bubblegum pink paint, and vintage pink damask wallpaper. Accents include gilded cherubs and candelabras, and high gloss pink posts and moulding. 

Coco loves Cocoa <3

Now for the dress! This gem of a garment is a 1950s lace fishtail dress, adorned with chocolate fur trimming, and finished with a bow. One of my favorites, it is a soft pink taffeta, with a creme lace overlay and a gorgeous true, bombshell, silhouette.

I hope this made your day a little bit sweeter!

<3 Ashlyn

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