Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Presenting.....The Pink Collar Ball!

Ladies & Gentlemen... It is with great pleasure to announce the most glamorous gathering at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.  Champagne will be toasted, music will be played, and one glamour girl will be awarded with a prize package worth over $1000!  The Pink Collar Life has been bringing you everything glamour, from vintage fashion and design, to historic hotels and restaurants.  Inspired daily by the glamour icons of days past, we are inviting you to spend an evening dazzled like a silver screen starlet, as if it were the Golden Days once again! Start your night off with us at The Pink Collar Ball, held at The Piano Bar inside The Orleans Hotel & Casino. 

The Pink Collar Ball

Hosted by us girls, and sponsored by The Pretty Dress Co., & Clifton's At Night, The Ball will be held central to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend's evening's events, at the Piano Bar on the main floor of The Orleans Casino.  Formal attire is encouraged, as we will sip champagne, swing, and sway away in Golden Age fashion. The event will also include the release of Viva La Femme Magazine, and a book signing release party for Susana Andrea, of Vestige Photography's new book "Kittens & Kulture!"

Vintage Glamour Award

Determined by a panel of guest judges, contestants can submit themselves to be considered for the title and prize package worth over $1000.  We will consider female contestants wearing authentic vintage 1930s to pre-1970 cocktail dresses or formal gowns.  Judging criteria will be based on authenticity of dress, cohesiveness with accessories (do not need to be vintage, but appreciated!), as well as stage presence & personality.  Please submit an email to contact@thepinkcollarlife.com including: 

-Legal name and stage name
-Where you are from
-Who/what inspires you?
-Description of dress/gown, including era, designer (if known), where did you acquire item?
-An image of the dress you anticipate wearing

Submissions will be accepted until 11:59(pst) on April 5, 2016.  Contestants will be narrowed down and notified by April 10, 2016 through email.

Vintage Glamour Award Winner Prize Package:
$300 Gift Card from The Pretty Dress Co.
$300 in prizes from The Pink Collar Life
Photoshoot with Vestige Photography (valued at $500)*
A Pinky's Dream Dahlia Hair Flower from NicCoco Creations
A $200 gift package of hair products and gift certificate from Missy Firestone (TechnicolorCutie) to achieve perfect vintage hairstyling

Guest Judges:

Tony Medina

Also known as His Vintage Touch, Tony Medina is Los Angeles' Premiere Vintage Hair Sculptor to the stars, having worked with Dita Von Teese, Violet Chachki, Paris Hilton, Ellen Von Unwerth, David LaChapelle, and many more. Not only a Hair God and a gentlemen of glamour, Tony knows true authentic fashions of the 1940s & 1950s when he sees it!

Jolee Blon'

Actress, showgirl, and model, Jolee Blon' is a complete reincarnation of the beautiful blonde bombshells of the Golden Age of Hollywood. This modern silver screen starlet lives and breathes Old Hollywood glamour, even playing Ava Gardner & Marilyn Monroe in past and present roles, making this beautiful blonde an expert when it comes to old film and fanciness!

Angelique Noire

She has sizzled down runways, graced beauty books, fashion magazines, and television commercials worldwide. Angelique's statuesque, exotic beauty, expresses her passion for the world of the Old Hollywood glamour, and 1940s & 1950s era pin up modeling. Always dressed to kill, Angelique is a conessuoir of authentic vintage fashions!

*The Pink Collar Ball hosted by Tara MiSioux & Ashlyn Coco at The Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend*
*Photoshoot with Vestige Photography expires 1 year from event date.  Includes one look and 3 edited photos.  Styling, hair, or makeup are not included.  Vestige Photography is based out of Southern California. 


  1. This sounds devine! Does the dress have to he authentic vintage, or can it be a period reproduction?

  2. This sounds devine! Does the dress have to he authentic vintage, or can it be a period reproduction?

    1. Authentic vintage. Hope you can join us! <3 xo

  3. Hey pretty ladies! Is this event just between 5-7? Hoping to also catch Brian Setzer playing at 6.30 <3

  4. Who wouldn’t love to be on events like this? I am grateful to you for sharing it here and also going to host a party at one of Chicago venues. It will be a casual party and really hoping to get inspiration from events like this.


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