Sunday, March 27, 2016

Floral Fantasy

It's Spring season with the Sorrento! and that time of year again for pretty pastels and feminine florals, topped with blonde bouffants. Today's floral fantasy is a whimsical ride down Winderman Lane, with cotton candy colored houses, surrounded by pretty palms and rich roses. The year is 1960, and the California beach town of Carlsbad is primped and prepped for Easter, with white picket fences, and colors of Easter eggs seen throughout the quaint & quirky homes.

A 1960's Cole advertisement read "The maddest thing on the beach this year is pastels. Blue is wild, pink is far gone, and beige is absolutely kookie."
Once again, The Pretty Dress Co. has captured the past with their Spring collection, infused with fifties florals prints. Lucky for us, our signature pairing of the colors China Blue & Dusky Pink, was made possible as the Pretty Dress Co.'s spring collection is an array of pretty pastels, including these shades. The trend for florals and pastels in the 1950s & 1960s was huge, and The Pretty Dress has brought us back to the Golden days, once again!

The Sorrento comes in numerous color combos such as china blue, dusky pink, white & red, and even more! Not only is this fantastic floral print available in a rainbow of colors, it is also available in all sorts of different patterns. Whether the silhouette you're looking for is a full skirt, or figure hugging, The Pretty Dress Co. has it all. 

Styling is easy when it comes to The Pretty Dress, as each creation immediately evokes a certain theme, and we knew a 1960's blonde bombshell look was just the thing for this darling design on Easter Sunday!  We each added matching vintage gloves of baby blue and baby pink, as well as vintage scarves and vintage 1950s/1960s cateye sunnies. To top it all off, we added an ivory satin bow atop our Bardot inspired blonde bouffants.

Vintage lucite heels with floating florals were just the things to make our toes twinkle <3

Happy Easter! 

<3 T & A

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