Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter Wonderland

As we come to a close in our winter season and welcome spring, some snow days are a nice way to relish in remembrance of the past year's magical season and winter wonderland, along with some majestic mountain views and pretty pines. California changes from palms to pines in just a short drive, and everything is not too far apart, if you're looking for a change of scenery. It was nice to get to throw on a gabardine suit, fur trimmed galoshes, and a heavy fur coat and gloves!

Idyllwild c. 1940's

Today, we ventured into the beautiful city of Idllywild, which is nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, set among tall pines, sweet smelling cedars, and legendary rocks. In the Golden Age, Idyllwild became a weekend tourist attraction for people in Southern California. It was also used for filming location, as Elvis filmed scenes for the 1961 film “Kid Galahad" in Idlywild. The town presented itself as an alpine village, and hotels and businesses had German names, but this practice ended during World War II.
Elvis during filming in Idyllwild
From the 1930's to the 1950's, Idyllwild was a center for the production of  a furniture style called "knotty pine furniture," which was a type of fine log furniture. The furniture is now collectible, and can be found in many Idyllwild houses and cabins. After some hot cocoa, and walking through the charming and nostalgic neighborhood, I was able to spot numerous cabins with unique original architecture, many with hearts carved into doors and fences.

Photos by Tom Stratton

My favorite, Marilyn in the Mountains

My outfit consisted of a vintage 1940's suit jacket, and a 1940's wool fishtail skirt. My jacket is a vintage 1950's black swing coat by Marshall Field's (an old department store) and my shoes are 1940's galoshes (rain boots) that you slip over your high heels!  

Iconic Marilyn earrings from our sponsor Bow & Crossbones

Marilyn arriving to entertain the troops in Korea, 1954, dressed for the cold in some boots, still glamorous with her hoops

<3 Ashlyn

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