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Tiah Eckhardt Delaney!

This month is a lucky month, and we are especially lucky to have one of our favorite redheads, Tiah, as our Pink Collar Gal of the month of March. Tiah Eckhardt-Delaney is a goddess of glamour and a ravishing redhead, living in lace and luxurious lingerie, and serving her smoldering and sultry looks in front of the best in the industry. 

Our admiration and infatuation for this sexy, and smart, sweetheart started when we saw her as the face of Wheels & Dollbaby, and she quickly became a favorite. With her incredible photos and hilarious wit and charm, Tiah is not only a beautiful model with drop dead gorgeous looks, but she is an advocate and supporter of all women, with a fearless and fun attitude. 

Wheels & Dollbaby - In Residence At The Del Rio' AW14 Lookbook

As the quintessential Pink Collar Gal, Tiah lives and breathes glamour, dreams in deco, and prefers life fancy, yet free, and isn't afraid to be caught cozy and casual in a Cramps or Smiths tee. From Champagne & Chateau Marmont, corsets & coupes, to Brigitte Bardot bouffants & brassieres, this living lingerie-loving doll is everything we love in one red-hot package!

Wheels & Dollbaby "Weekend at the Waldorf" campaign, 2007

Tiah is also the author of successful blog and swoon-worthy site The Daily Knicker, which she proclaims is "Sunday through Saturday in Silk, Satin and Lace served with liberal lashings of love," giving full reviews, complete with seductive photos of the beautiful, buxom, bombshell herself. We had the pleasure to ask Tiah some questions that we were dying to know, as she spills secrets, and scandals, served with some straight up honesty. 


Q:You were first discovered at a young age. Was this always a dream of yours, and were you shocked by anything you saw in particular in the new world of modeling? 

A: I grew up doing dance and theatre, so I was actually looking for an acting agent. But there weren't any in my hometown so I just signed with a modelling agency because that's all there was. I thought I could maybe make money modeling while I was in high-school, yet fifteen years later here we are!

Q: You are originally from Australia, but we are excited to say you are now a Californian! What has the move been like, and what do you love or hate about California? Having traveled the world, what other places did you fall in love with, or would you consider living? 

A: I lived in Perth, Sydney, London, New York, even Milan and Singapore for a bit, but when I came to California to visit my husband's family I fell in love with it. It's a perfect mix of places. I'm still close to cities, yet feel like I'm out in the country (I live in Northern Marin County, CA- about an hour out of San Fran and 10 minutes out of Napa). It is heaven. I chill here and travel for work when I have to. I only do what we call 'direct bookings' these days. Which Is where you fly in, fly out. I'm just a normal mom when I'm at home, albeit one sitting around writing amidst mountains of underwear. Then I go away and do these somewhat glamourous jobs in fun places. It's like I have a double life. I like that. I think I even need it! California is perfect that way.

Q: We admire you for being vocal and strong when it comes to things you are passionate about, from showing us there is no ideal model type, to appreciating the fantasy in photography - filters or none, and what feminism really means. What would you say is a current hot topic in the fashion world that needs to be addressed?

A: Fashion is awesome in so many ways, it definitely inspired me growing up and the fantasy and creativity in this industry is astounding. There's obviously a lot wrong with it though. I think we need more racial and 'look' diversity. Size is a very hard issue because there is a practical, production need for sample size existing, so I think we need representation, as much as possible. I also think the industry needs a sort of union or guild, like SAG is for the entertainment industry. There are literally no rules and protection for talent as far as minimum age restrictions, maximum hours able to be worked or insurance if you are injured on the job. I'd like to keep the fantasy element of fashion, because it is occasionally art. The social media approach to advertising is depressing me a bit. I have to remind myself to go buy Italian Vogue because I get bummed out seeing photographs shot of and by untalented people, just because they happen to have a large following. I see these pics that look like utter crap and I'm like, 'what is going on there?' and you delve and it's always just because it's some girl or photographer with a large following and that's it.. I go straight to bookshop and get some mags filled with Steven Meisel, Steven Klein, Mert and Marcus... and suck them up like an antidote! Those artists often make amazing statements through seemingly superficial things, push boundaries, create whole other worlds. They don't just photograph a girl's bum and put a product next to it. We can do better than that.

Dita Von Teese AW15/16 at Glamuse

Q: You have a precious mini-me angel, Finley, and do an amazing job at juggling a career and family. What are your favorite activities to do together and what do you love most about motherhood? 

A: I think that any woman who works that balance feels like they struggle with it at times. Occasionally, I'll be working a lot and feel guilty that I can't be a regular mom for my daughter or have a normal job. Then other times I go into full-on domestic mode and get frustrated that I'm not at work or that models or bloggers that don't have the first and foremost responsibility of looking after a family, like I do, have unlimited time and resources to spend on themselves. It sort of always feels like you suck at something and this balance is literally the only thing that keeps me up at night. My daughter is a super-smart girlie-girl and we do all sorts of stuff together. You guys would love her- she's obsessed with pink, we call her room 'The Pink Room' but she's also big on sea animals, reptiles and science, which is really cool. One day we'll be going to high-tea in 50's dresses and the next, the natural history museum. She's the heart-achingly beautiful and hilarious.

- Looks like we have a future PCL gal on our hands! 

Q: You have a successful and very sexy blog, called “The Daily Knicker.” What prompted your love of all things lace and lingerie, and when did you decide it was time to create a platform to share this passion?

A: I was in love with the idea of lingerie long before I was old enough to need it. I did musical theatre as a kid and watched a lot of old movies, so I always thought women were clad in silk, lace and bias-cuts! The Daily Knicker came about accidentally. It developed from Facebook status updates I would do, where instead of talking about my day, I'd talk about what lingerie I was wearing! I also realized pretty quickly that there was no one doing what I was doing, which was reviewing products and actually showing them on my body. All the lingerie blogs I could find only shot flat-lays at this point. I guess for a lot of women in other professions there's a stigma with posting themselves online in nothing but their underwear, but for me being photographed like that was already my job, so I had no apprehension. Now you go on Instagram and there are literally hundreds of accounts shooting and showcasing their collections the same way I started out, which was before Instagram was even a 'thing'. I would initially crop my face just so the focus would be on the underwear, now others do the same thing because it also allows them a level of anonymity.

Q: You recently had the honor to debut some glorious Golden Age gowns from Dita Von Teese’s new loungewear collection. We love your appreciation for period correct references and knowledge of historic costume. What is your favorite era of design, and if you had to pick a go-to gown you’d wear every day, what style would that be? We want to hear colors, fabrics, inspiration, and all!

A: Backless, bias-cut silk, floor-length and possibly even a split. Basically Michelle Pfeifer's blue gown in 'Scarface'. So dramatic, sensual and yet still relaxed, 30's meets 70's. My style's changed recently, I guess because I'm getting older and I spend more time at home. I'm not so interested in being cinched, lifted and squished anymore. I'd rather retain the glamour yet be more flowing- figure skimming, rather than figure manipulating. Dita's velvet or satin 'Dahlia' robes are phenomenal and feel so good on your body.

- We could not agree more !

Dita Von Teese Loungewear 2016
Tiah in Turban! by Adam Cohen for C√ČLESTE campaign

Q: You’ve worked with high end fashion houses worldwide, such as Agent Provocateur, Armani, Valentino and much more, as well as been featured in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ & Playboy. Tell us about your most memorable shoots, the good, the bad, and the ugly!

A: The Good? AP was fun. Playing in a beautiful manor in the English countryside, in the world's most beautiful lingerie, is of course, my idea of heaven. Trips like the GQ one to a tropical rainforest, or a Vanity Fair one to the Canary Islands, a surf shoot in Fiji were all amazing, because these are places I never would've been able to go if it weren't for modelling. I didn't exactly grow up rich. The bad and ugly are…ugh… I don't even want to remember them! Bad days are usually because of bad people and I try to wipe them from memory as soon as I go home. I did nearly die being thrown off a horse once! That was crazy. This stallion that I was laying on bareback was huge. I have this surreal memory of being REALLY high up in the air, looking down at the crew, all with the most horrified looks on their faces and being certain I was going to die. About a foot before I hit the ground the owner caught me in both arms, not only stopping me from essentially falling head first from about 2 storeys up onto a concrete floor, but from being kicked because he protected me with his body. The guy was pretty badly hurt but he sat there with his arms wrapped around me from behind while I sobbed in shock for half an hour. The funny, or perhaps messed-up thing was, after I took a little break, I got back on the damn horse, if not just because of the metaphor and famous saying!

"Laud Magazine and I decided to collaborate on a shoot inspired by a dark brand of old Hollywood beauty. Smoky, rich and mysterious, we created a fictional character inspired by the likes of Marlene Dietrich and Gloria Swanson and wondered what such a woman might wear to seduce a lover. Assuming she’d play on a mixture of feminine/masculine, without ever letting up on the glamour factor, we paired pale lace and silken fabrics with a modernized take on moody 30′s make-up and hair." Tiah by Thom Kerr

Q: We all have in common a love for Art Deco, as we’ve always shared with each other our love from anything to Hollywood Regency to Rococo! Describe your dream home or boudoir and what it would look like to you.

A: Oh, you know my dream bedroom has always been Jean Harlow's silver one! I love the idea of deco shapes and details in tonal colours. Like, my whole room is just white, with antique art-deco wood furniture and a couple of gold and silver trims being the only color. My favourite thing about the style is it's dichotomy, being decorative but in a way consisting of angular shapes. I like the contrast. It's both masculine and feminine, pretty and strong. My dream house however, interiors-wise, would probably be Faye Dunaway's in 'Mommie Dearest'. That silver satin boudoir chaise! The staircase! So yeah, I love decorative, grand, but in a very angular way and deco and regency are perfect for that! I think the most beautiful place in the world is Radio City Music hall and I remember being enamoured with it since I saw footage of it as a 5 year old. Crazy that tastes can run that deep, huh?

L'appartement Winter Collection 2011

Q: You’ve been a brand ambassador for Australian label and Pink Collar favorite, Wheels & Dollbaby, for years which is how we first became fans of your modeling and writing. How did this relationship start, and what has been your favorite W&DB campaign you’ve done to date?

A: Wheels was a brand I liked as a customer, it presented a fun, aspirational lifestyle for the alternative teenager that I was. When I was 19 I'd go into the store and ended up becoming friends with Mel (W&DB designer) and she asked me if I wanted to do campaign for her. It just worked so well we continued for 10 years. I think my favourites were the simple ones with Justin Smith, like Weekend at the Waldorf and La Pin-up Deshabille. They were very simple, one was on a pink background, the other on Tiffany blue. I always feel the strongest advertising images are the ones that are clean and simple, yet express and attitude or style quickly- whether it be via the garment, the hair and make-up or the expression on the model. I've had so many women come up to me over the years and say those images were so strong they pinned them up on their walls. Being a part of something that aspirational is really cool.

- Your W&DB campaigns have indeed been pinned on my wall!

Q: Tell us your health & beauty routine, and any tips or products that you swear by, or fads that you just can’t stand.

A: I invest in a few good products rather than a whole lot. Ones that work. I almost obsessively wash my hands and face, I'm really big on cleanliness, so I LOVE my clarisonic. Then I use Frank Daily Moisturizer and a sunscreen for day or at night, Creme De La Mer, which is worth the price tag. I've never in my life slept with make-up on, even if I don't remember getting home. I must have ingrained that into my subconscious so deep! Sleep and lots of Vitamin C make your skin amazing and are the best things for it. Make-up, I think, is about finding a look that works for you and perfecting it, as opposed to following trends. There are looks I wish I could do, just can't pull off (as much as I admire them on other people), so I stick to what I know works for me. I think that's a good rule for clothing and style too. Fads? I hate this social media thing with brands pushing protein shakes and 'diet' teas. It's such bullshit, icult-like and dangerous. You can't live off protein shakes or if you're substituting meals with them that's fucked up and you need to re-assess your diet. And those teas are literally just laxatives. Both of these things are traits of eating disorders and posted online beside picture after picture of skinny 'inspo' girls only. The fact this is being dressed up and virally marketed as 'healthy' concerns me.

Wheels & Dollbaby - In Residence At The Del Rio' AW14 Lookbook
Our favorite poster girl with pony, poodle and pink! 
We're suckers for a pistol-packin Pin-up<3

Q: Lastly, we must know, who is your ultimate glamour icon and inspiration from the past and why?

A: I can't pick one, but Bette Davis and Mae West's attitudes and facial expressions are all of my goals. As far as look and fashion, I do always go back to Pfeiffer in Scarface. Elvira Hancock's wardrobe is my dream wardrobe, it's flawless to me.

As if you needed any more reasons to love this redhead, right? Pink Collar perfection personified, follow Tiah's world for a whirlwind of whimsical images and luscious laces <3

x T & A x

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