Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sweater Girl in the Snow

A snowy Southern California day calls for a sweet sweater girl look, and luckily for me, I had just the thing to fight the frigid air! The 1950's was an especially great time for sweaters, as my most favorite ones from the 50's are thick and warm, yet cropped and cute. Of course, many pieces in my wardrobe are inspired by pictures and people of the past, and I always loved the Marilyn & Milton sweater sitting, and of course Jayne Mansfield looking casual and cozy in her Pendleton. One in particular Marilyn wore, was a white cropped sweater, with red and black stripes accenting the v-neck and sleeves. Both Monroe & Mansfield inspire, for their over the top glamour, as well as down to earth and casual looks!

Freddies of Pinewood helps put the jean in a Norma Jeane inspired look, with their very authentic denim and dungarees, perfect for a day in the snow. Their pieces are perfect when styling with real vintage separates, and with them I always feel like i'm wearing vintage from head to toe! Vintage styling in different seasons is always so fun, and these cozy and casual looks are not only realistic, but adorable, and memorable from the golden days. 

Photos by Tom Stratton

<3 Ashlyn

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