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Emily Elicia Low aka Jolee Blon!

It's the month of love, and we certainly have lots of love for this month's Pink Collar Gal, who just so happens to have the hugest heart, therefore it would only be fitting to have her as our February girl! 

By Eric Gea

You may know her as Emily Low, or Jolee Blon, but this true blonde bombshell is living The Pink Collar Life to the fullest, fulfilling her dream as an artist and actress, while staying true to a studio screen siren of the past. With a plush, pink-collar, pad filled with portraits of Marilyn Monroe & Jean Harlow, complete with sparkling antique chandeliers and fanciful feathers, Emily surrounds herself with Old Hollywood nostalgia and decadence, 24/7.

Of course, we have many things in common with our Pink Collar Gal, from our "Masters" in Marilyn & Mansfield science, to blonde curls & Burlesque. Emily has the warmth, beauty, passion and talent of Marilyn Monroe, mixed with the fun, pink-loving, genuine, heart of Jayne Mansfield, and the sweet innocence of Jean Harlow. Having had the pleasure to know this beauty from years ago and watching her career blossom and bloom, has been very exciting, and we are honored to share with you what life is like for this beautiful blonde, who is bringing Old Hollywood back in a modern world.

Below, we'll also take you into the starlet's beautiful Los Angeles home, built pre-WWII, which she refers to as her "Jewel Box", in which we've decided is "Madonna Inn meets Max Factor Museum & Marie Antoinette!" 

Enjoy xx

Emily in "VEGAS" which aired on CBS, wearing an original 1961 Showgirl Costume!
Q: At what age did you realize you wanted to be an actress/entertainer?  Do you remember what inspired you in your younger years?

A: I have a distinct memory of being 6 years old and watching Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind". I was absolutely mesmerized by her and within those 4 hours I knew I wanted to do exactly what she was doing and I never changed my mind. Viv continues to be a very important touchstone in my life. I was also dancing and ice-skating at the age of 6 and the costumes, makeup and theater of it all was a giant inspiration to me as well. All signs were pointing to life as an artist for me. I loved watching women/actresses/dancers who had oodles of femininity, poise, elegance and grace. Those were the qualities that inspired me as a child and that I grew up hoping to emanate myself. 

Emily in one of her many gorgeous boudoirs. By Joe Hill
Emily was a gracious (and gorgeous!) host, rolling out the pink carpets for our visit <3 With "Mae's Pink Mink"

Q: When did your fascination with Marilyn begin? What drew you to her vs. other blonde bombshells? 

A: My fascination with Marilyn followed very closely behind my obsession with Vivien Leigh. I remember just a few months later watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and thinking Marilyn was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and that it would really be a worthy lifetime endeavor to find a way to be just like her. I remember feeling so happy to be a female and wanting to be all grown up like she was as soon as possible so I could wear her makeup and her clothes and walk and talk like her. I couldn't get my hands on enough of her photos and I never tired of watching her films over and over. It is very difficult to describe what the magic of Marilyn is for me and so many others because it is so much more than her physical beauty, which was of course extraordinary. I think it has something to do with her being so warm and gracious in all of her photographs and performances, yet there was always a hint of sadness. I believe the quality is called "pathos"... Marilyn is the ultimate in femininity. Yet she was like a child and a woman all at once. I think she was born with a divine feminine light that very few women are born with. She captured the essence of a Goddess, and I do believe she is a Goddess. There is something so pure about her femininity and I find that utterly captivating and enchanting. Of course there are many other beautiful blonde bombshells, but Marilyn is the Queen. 

By Eric Gea
We coin Emily's home decor style as "Madonna Inn meets Max Factor Museum"

Q: What is your favorite Marilyn movie/role?
A: Definitely "The Misfits" because I feel like in that film she showed us that she was a deeply talented actress and so much more than a glamorous comedienne, which I believe is something that she desperately wanted people to understand about her. She proves it to us with her performance in this film. Arthur Miller was a brilliant playwright and the fact that he wrote the role of Roslyn Taber for her makes the film even more fascinating to me because I feel like he gave her a beautiful gift in that role, despite their troublesome marriage. And she portrayed it so soulfully. It is a perfect film and her last completed film, which makes it all the more like lightning in a bottle. 

Channeling Marilyn in The Misfits - By Joe Hill

Our gal in her pink parlour, while in character for her role as Ava Gardner
A pink little breakfast nook!
Emily's beloved spaniel, and Pink Collar pup, Dotty! Emily's home was originally owned by a Japanese family, so to keep the inspiration and history, she tried to incorporate many Asian Art Deco influences into the home to honor it's heritage.

Q: You have been every hair color as an actress, changing it to fit your characters, but which has been your favorite? 

A: Blonde without a doubt! I was born blonde and I always feel most confident and Beautiful when I am blonde. 

Just a peak at Emily's swoon worthy vanity and vintage Art Deco beauty items

Q: Your relationship with The Pink Collar Life is not so recent, can you tell the readers how our relationship began?

A: I am so delighted to say I have known Miss Tara MiSioux since 2008 when I first began performing Burlesque as Jolee Blon! We made wonderful backstage memories together and we even did some photo shoots together in those early years and have been friends ever since! People used to get Tara and I mixed up in those days which I always took as a lovely compliment! I am lucky to have seen many of Tara's classic Burlesque performances at small LA venues. I was always enamored with her costumes and commitment to the classic art form. My friendship with Ashlyn is more recent, but I have been a huge fan of hers for quite some time. We finally met on a photo shoot last year and I could hardly put sentences together around her I was so enchanted! I am captivated by her beauty, style and sweetness just like I was by Tara so many years ago! The PCL girls hold a very special place in my heart. 

Our favorite room! Peachy pink paint with complimenting sage and golden floral wallpaper. Wallpaper is a common element in Emily's "Jewel Box," with the help of interior designer for Dita Von Teese, Stacia Dunnam. 
By Susana Vestige
Emily's Burlesque boas

Q: From modeling, burlesque, and film, you have worked with some well respected talent. Who has been your favorite/most memorable?

A: My most memorable experience was working on "Frank and Ava" with the legendary actor Harry Dean Stanton who is now 88. He is a consummate professional, so focused and ready to deliver the goods. He is also a hoot in the dressing room! He would serenade me and the hair and makeup girls with lovely Latin songs and tell hilarious jokes, all while smoking cigarettes in his cowboy hat and boots. A man after my own heart! I simply adore him. Watching him work taught me quite a lot and I am so grateful to have shared scenes with him. 

Of course, she has a love of SHOES, too!
Q: You are quite the collector (or shopper), what are your favorite LA spots to find vintage and collectibles? 

A: I always score at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena and also the Long Beach Flea Market is full of treasures! 

Emily says: " I call the place 'The Jewel Box,' and that's what I wanted it to be, every room like a precious gem." We both have the same photo of Marilyn on the pink tufted couch, in a gold frame! <3
By Tatiana Gerusova
A Powder Room similar to The Blonde Room at Max Factor!
Q: What is your favorite item you own from The Pink Collar Life?

A: That is really difficult to narrow down because I have become obsessed with so many PCL items recently! How about Top 3? Hehe! I must say the 20th Century Fox Faux Fur in lavender/periwinkle tops my list. It does happen to be my favorite color and I have never seen a faux in this shade before so I am really losing my mind for it at the moment! It is soft and sumptuous as can be! I also love the Factors Follies crown. It sparkles so luxuriously and perches atop the head so perfectly. Every girl has got to give herself permission to wear a crown a la Lorelei Lee, and my favorite is definitely the Factors Follies! Third would be the Stardust lucite purse. It is so much fun! I love the golden stars and the way they glisten. It is such a one-of-a-kind lucite purse, I have never seen anything like it before. I adore it. 

Emily was also influenced by Marie Antoinette (our fav!) with her floral motifs and pastels in every one of her rooms. Pink Powderpuff pillow by Catherine D'Lish and photo by Joe Hill.

Another favorite room of hers, the Deco den! dark and dreamy <3
Channeling Ava Gardner. By Joe Hill

Q: You recently wrapped a movie, which was reason for your visit to being a brunette. Can you tell us about that role and the movie? 

A:Yes I played the exquisite actress Ava Gardner in a film called "Frank and Ava". It is about the tumultuous romance, marriage and divorce between Sinatra and Gardner that spanned 7 years. It is an understatement to say I am honored to have portrayed such a gorgeous, talented and exciting woman with an incredibly full life. I would often try to communicate with her in Heaven and ask whether I was doing her justice because it was so important to me that I get her right, not for me or her fans, but for her. In preparing to play her I watched her entire filmography, which was an immense pleasure and never felt like work. I also read her autobiography many times over, "Ava: My Story". It's a wonderful book; I highly recommend it. Ava had Panther-like qualities and I hope that I captured them on-screen! We filmed in Palm Springs at Sinatra's home and in Rome, Italy which was a dream come true!

By Joe Hill
A Pink Collar date always calls for pink champagne!

Our "Mae's Pink Mink" in Emily's pretty pink kitchen. Opening the door to queen Dotty's room!
Even a pink porch <3

The formal dining, with a soft pink floral wallpaper and an illuminating antique chandelier of pretty prisms. 
By Tatiana Gerusova
Emily's home is filled with pinup nostalgia, fresh florals and velvet tufted furniture
By Eric Gea
As you can see, Emily can pull of any era or haircolor. Here she is channeling an authentic 1930's look. By Eric Gia
Q: What does Jolee do on her days off?

A: I like to think I run my life the way a Hollywood studio starlet would have run hers. On my days off I have my own curriculum to follow that consists of reading novels (Anna Karenina right now), books about the craft of acting, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, studying French, taking Ballet class, Pilates or Yoga, and vocal exercises. I love watching classic films and Turner Classic Movies is playing in my home 24 hours a day. I also love listening to old jazz musicians like Billie Holliday or country music like Hank Williams and dancing and singing my little heart out to them. I am kind of a homebody which I don't mind admitting. But Los Angeles is a gorgeous city with so many historical places to see and enjoy, so I try to get out and take in the art deco architecture, beautiful Griffith Park or the delicious beaches when I need to reset! I also like to play with my dog Dotty and travel to as many foreign countries as I can!

The technicolor trifecta! With our favorite new Old Hollywood designer, Emerald & Palm <3

There you have it, a glimpse of life as a "new/old" Hollywood startlet <3 Stay tuned for more "How to Marry a Millionaire" pictorials and pink collar dates, and don't forget to follow Emily's glamorous world for more beauty, and Golden Age glamour!

x T & A x

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