Thursday, February 25, 2016

Baby Blue Blonde

Tara wears Cara, a fifties frock with a stunning, starlet, silhouette made of an icy powder blue hue, from our lovely sponsor, The Pretty Dress Company. There's something about powder blue and gold, that evokes the opulence and sophistication of Marie Antoinette, and her boudoir, as well as the blonde bombshells of the 1950s. As you've seen by our post about the Max Factor Room, these two shades were meant to be together! 

The marriage of these colors is a favorite of mine, as I styled different shades of my favorite hue into a 1950's bombshell ensemble... 

Jayne Mansfield in baby blue
I'm careful about over accessorizing, but a few delicate statement pieces came together in harmony for this classic, baby blue look. This dress checks all my boxes, with its perfect shade, below knee cut, as well as its bust detail and neckline. The fabric is a soft stretchy crepe, which is prefect, and breathable, for a nice Sunday in Spring. To complete the look, I styled the Cara with our Betty's Boa in Blonde, and our Cinema Celluloid in Midnight, which brought out the deep shades in my 1950's wool netted hat.

Diana Dors

Max Factor Blondes Only Room

Marilyn Monroe in Niagara 

Stay tuned as I bring in my pink counterpart for a double trouble, Dolly Sisters date, filled with our signature powder pink & powder blue!

<3 Tara


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