Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Saguaro Springs

Spring is slowly approaching, and what better city to show off some springtime hues, than Palm Springs. With streets lined with palms, and Mid-Century Modern historic homes, the city oozes nostalgia and charm.The Saguaro in Palm Springs is a splash of technicolor, and can be easily recognized from it's rainbow exterior and unique architecture. This charming boutique hotel is a mid-mod mecca, with a whimsical, bold, color palette inspired by the flowers of the desert. 

With the pretty paint job and color blocking at the Saguaro, I knew just the frock to wear for some frolicking and fun. Reminiscent of a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress meets a flamingo, this darling vintage design is a springtime favorite, featuring my favorite colors of mint and pink, in pretty pastels. For my 1960's bombshell look, some gold accents and polly heels were a must! 

<3 Tara

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