Thursday, January 7, 2016

Max Factor Hollywood Museum Part II

As the second part of The Max Factor Hollywood Museum series on The Pink Collar Life, we will continue the last part of the tour with the Redheads Only Room, aka the green room. As you've discovered, the Museum has themed rooms, each catering to the haircolors of certain sirens and starlets, and their shades. 

The Blondes Only Room is a beautiful shade of baby blue, making those platinums pops, while The Brunettes Only Room is the perfect peachy-pink. Last but not least, The Redheads Only Room is a mystical minty green! I'm not sure if this is a coincidence - or Mr. Max Factor's work, but each room seems to go according to the color theory that I learned in beauty school. On the color wheel, red is directly across from green, meaning the colors compliment and neutralize one another, which is very obvious when entering this room of such harmonious Hollywoodesque hues. . .

Looking at Jean Harlow's Picturegoer covers
The walls are covered with portraits of Hollywood's greatest stars
Wigging out!
Greta Garbo's personal items
Men's grooming and hair pieces
Jean Harlow on original publications c. 1930's
Paper following Harlow's death

Spotted: Marilyn, Mae, Mansfield 
Having a seat in the famous Max Factor makeover chair

Beloved Lucy's items

Rita Hayworth's items

More beauty items from the Green Room
Hallway covered in autographs and original movie posters
Mae West in the Lobby

Outside, in front of Mel's
Believe it or not, there is much more at the Museum that we didn't cover, including more glamorous gowns upstairs, as well as Marilyn's Cadillac or Cary Grant's Rolls Royce. You'll just have to see this place for yourself! Don't forget to check our Factor's Follies Crown in our shop, inspired by this make-up museum!

"You are not born glamorous, glamour is created."

- Max Factor 
(1877 - 1938)

<3 Ashlyn


  1. Love these tours, I am adding it to the list of places to see in L.A. I just finished Lisa Eldridge's book "Face Paint" on the history of makeup and she said Max Factor did paint the rooms to flatter each hair color :)

  2. The Museum is stunning one of my favorite historical landmarks. xo


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