Monday, April 27, 2015

Posh Girls at Chateau Marmont

The famous Chateau Marmont sits right on Sunset Blvd as a legendary Hollywood hideaway, instilling mystery and nostalgia since the 20's. Built in 1927, The Chateau Marmont is full of secrets and scandal, once housing stars of the titillating tinsel town that was Old Hollywood. Modeled after a castle in France, this fantastical folly is appropriately hidden by lush foliage, with only it's signature rooftops peeking out among the Hollywood Hills. 

The walls of Marmont have seen our favorite glamour gals including Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Harry Cohn, founder of Columbia Pictures said in 1939, "If you must get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont." Filmmaker Billy Wilder also once said, "I would rather sleep in a bathroom there than at any other hotel." It's clear that The Chateau Marmont was a favorite among Hollywood elite, and we love to remember it for what it once was. 

It was a gorgeous Spring day in West Hollywood with the California sun shining, but was cool enough to wear our Wheels and Dollbaby Posh Girl Leopard angora sweaters. What better outfit for Chateau Marmont than a decadent dollbaby ensemble capturing Old Hollywood glamour! As leopard lovers, W&DB is our go-to, offering the purrrfect prints & fluffy feline fabrics. Finished with an Art Deco rhinestone clasp or noir velvet bow, these pieces certainly live up to their collection name of "High Society Kittens." 

Paired with these classic cardigans, we combined a 1950's wiggle dress with 1940's-1950's fur handbags to complete our leopard look. Lastly, a high society kitten never forgets a matching vintage beret! 

Get Tara's Posh Girl Cropped Sweater here
Get Ashlyn's Posh Girl Deco Shrug here

x T & A x 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Peach Peasant Princess Dress

The spring foliage is in full bloom at the historic Greystone Mansion, in Beverly Hills. This magnificent neo-classical mansion was built in the 1920's and sits atop acres of beautiful, lush greenery. The grounds are so serene, but especially the delicate lily pond of this particular courtyard, as it glistens in the center. Filled with beautifully colored fish and floating florals, I had to dip my toe in!

What I love most about warmer weather is that I can wear my favorite sun dresses - and sometimes I just love to let my hair down and go barefoot. This Candy Jones 1950's day dress I got from Meow Vintage in Long Beach, is my current favorite. It's made of light peach gingham cotton with a peasant princess style pattern, and little flowers embroidered throughout. This scene reminded me of Marilyn Monroe by Sam Shaw, which is one of my favorites series. As a modern day Sam Shaw or Milton Greene, Tom Stratton always seems to capture those candid moments and illustrates our vision flawlessly.

xx Ashlyn

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Secret Forest Patisserie

As you know, The Pink Collar Life loves to support our fellow Pink Collar gals and this Cotton Candy-haired Lollipop Queen has us in quite the candy daze! We have fallen in love with her creations, as she takes inspirations from old Hollywood glamour, films, and art, making for the most glittering and glamorous lollipops you'll ever taste. 

Vanessa is the owner of A Secret Forest Patisserie, creating magical confections from the epicenter of old glamour itself...Los Angeles! She can take any concept you can dream up, and design a decadent confection - just for you! Not only did we get some sweet Pink Collar treats, but we were able to find out what inspires her and how A Secret Forest Patisserie came to be...

Q: How did you get involved in the Lollipop business, and how long have you been creating these cute candies?

A: I graduated culinary school and focused mainly on pastries, but my most favorite thing was candy making. I started the Etsy store about 2 years ago on a whim, and happily it's taken off!

Q: How do you get inspired for new lollipop designs?

A: Lolly Inspiration is literally everywhere for me - vintage lucite accessories and furniture, Lalique blown glass, vintage textiles, old powder compacts, 1930's movies and costume design, and vintage circus to name a few. Everything is a constant inspiration. Nature, and my friends are all inspirations!

Q: What has been your favorite Lollipop flavor to date?

A: My favorite flavors are French Violet and Ederflower! The extracts are both super expensive but taste so amazing that it's a nice little indulgence to be able to offer to people.

Q: What can we expect to see in the coming year for A Secret Forest Patisserie?

A: More beautiful candy, expanding our wholesale business, and our atelier later this year!

Don't forget to visit A Secret Forest Patisserie , as you won't want to miss these couture candies!

Now let's indulge...

x T & A x

Self Portrait of The Lollipop Queen herself - Vanessa!

Our custom Cherry & Champagne flavored Pink Collar Life Lollies!

Detail of our custom lollies

Ashlyn's custom John Willie Fetish heels Lollies

Matching my Secret Forest Patisserie Lollipops to my shirt! 

Beautiful photo from one of our favorite Pink Collar gals, Lily, and her Ulyana Sergeenko Lollies (@lilyperfumedpearl)

Another gorgeous image from Lily, with her John Willie lollies and CARON powder puffs!

Flamingling Lollies!
Schiaparelli inspired lollies - does it get any better!?

Amazing detail on this dauphin... 

Oodles of Poodles!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Capistrano, City of Swallows

Halfway between California's golden cities, Los Angeles and San Diego, is San Juan Capistrano.  The town has a history spanning four centuries, housing not only the oldest structure in California at the Mission Capistrano, but also the oldest residential neighborhood in our state, Los Rios District.  I love to visit the city center at least once a year for vintage shopping, an afternoon lunch, or to visit the mission.

Today was a typical gorgeous afternoon, the sun was out, bougainvilleas draping the streets, and there was a perfect ocean breeze as we strolled the town.  My vintage wool trousers were just enough in the morning, but once the sun peaked I decided to slip into my '50s, cotton, square dancing dress, trimmed in metallic teal and silver rick rack.  The dress was quite sparkly for this rustic city, but I didn't hear anyone complaining. 

Luckily, for anyone living near or traveling the California Amtrak, San Juan Capistrano has a stop at their train depot, which dates back to 1894.  Today they have retired train cars used as their ticket booth, and additional ones housing shops and restaurants.  From there you can cross over the tracks to visit the Los Rios neighborhood, which has more than 30 historically registered homes, including three original adobes built in 1794.  You could easily spend half your day walking the community gardens, getting a bite to eat at one of the cafes, or just slowing it down and admiring the unique streets of the adorable community.

Cross the tracks and you'll notice this is the busier part of the city center.  There are several souvenir shops, restaurants, a large antique mall, and of course, Mission Capistrano.  This mission, founded in 1776, is a gorgeous place of courtyard gardens between adobe walls and small buildings, and holds the oldest structure in California, the church chapel built in 1782.  I did not enter the mission today (I've already been about ten times), but found there is just as much to appreciate surrounding it.  The pictures below are just a handful of the beauty this culture-rich city holds… 

<3 Tara

Tshirt by Mischief Made Me
Retired train cars

A neighborhood favorite, Sarducci's Restaurant
The Vintage Steak House restaurant, seems appropriate... 

A standout streamline style building amongst Spanish design, love it! 
Can I live here? The Esslinger Building built in 1939.
Not taking myself too seriously 

Wool pants only last so long in California, had to get out my cotton dress
The bougainvilleas were in full bloom, and in all colors!
Walking the historic Los Rios streets, oh-so charming!
The perimeter adobe wall of Mission Capistrano
I LOVE bougainvillea!!!