Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pann's Diner 1958

For my birthday weekend, I visited the Original Pann's Diner, in Los Angeles. Established in 1958, Pann's quickly became a community favorite and now I understand why. The nostalgia I felt while dining here had me euphoric! Wearing my 1950's canary yellow dress and pink vintage headscarf, I felt right at home sitting in the cherry red leather tufted booths. Pann's was completely filled and everyone seemed so happy, including me! 

I ordered a classic grilled cheese and fries and of course my usual Diet Coke which is served in original Coca Cola glassware. The inside of Pann's seems completely untouched, with all of the original fixtures and photographs. The amazing googie architecture from the inside out was astonishing and was such a joy to look at while dining. The mid century stone walls and the textured flecked floor was truly divine. The outside was just as adorable with it's canary yellow walls and pretty palms. Needless to say it was a fabulous fifties style brunch! 

Afterwards, we went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery which is also one of my favorite places. It's so serene and peaceful (aside from some guard ducks!) Even though Jayne Mansfield's body is not here, I still like to visit her cenotaph in honor. The pond is so beautiful, sparkling in between waving palm trees, lush greenery and beautiful tombs. 

xx Ashlyn
In front of the To-Go Window, still in working order!
Where there's Champagne, I follow..

A Diet Coke for me, please!
Grilled Cheese & French Fries - My Favorite! 

Pann's in Pink Neon!
Girl with Googie
Mid Century Structure & Plants
Original Lucite Handles!
Divine Dining!
* Original Mid Century Sign *
With Jayne Mansfield's Cenotaph at Hollywood Forever

The Sparkling Duck Pond, sans the Ducks!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

1954 Chevy

I've got a love for old cars, and it's in my blood.  My grandfather, who was well known in the vintage luxury car scene, was the founder of the ACD Car Club (Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg) starting back in 1954.  I believe my respect for stock automobiles came from him. I remember being at a car show with my dad a few years ago, and there was a customized Cord. My dad said, "Your grandfather would have a heart attack if he saw this!" Although I can appreciate a good custom, I do prefer my cars in stock colors, interior, and not slammed to the ground (my husband and I always disagree on that one).  Luckily I met my husband who not only thinks about cars (probably) more than me, but knows everything on tearing one apart and putting it back together better than it was before.

 Since we sold our '61 Oldsmobile, I've been bugging him to find us a family car. I was hoping for one that us and our two boys could cruise around in, and gosh have I always dreamed of having a wagon!  Then, to my surprise, my husband gets us a 1954 Chevrolet Wagon. Not stock, and not completely custom, just like our marriage it's a good blend of our likings.  As soon as I saw it I knew a vintage dress was in my closet that would look perfect next to it, because girls need to match their cars right?  I purposely skipped the slip on the dress to show off some vintage under pieces. I don't think Grandpa would have liked that part, but I'm sure he'd be proud we are actively involved in the vintage car kulture.

<3 Tara

Meeting Jay Leno and Cord family only months after my grandfather passed

Monday, March 23, 2015

Palm Springs Weekender

Palm Springs is the mecca of mid-century and a great place for a Time-Warp Weekender. The Del Marcos hotel is a boutique hotel located in the epicenter of the city's vintage shops, restaurants, and lounges. Built in 1947 by William F. Cody, this desert oasis sits between California's glorious mountains and palm trees, making for a beautiful poolside view. 

With 17 rooms, this darling historic hotel makes for the perfect private party as it has just the right amount of rooms for those who come to the weekender. With the entire place rented, The Del Marcos goes out of their way to make sure the group has a wonderful time and truly makes you feel like you're in the year 1947. 

It was a whirlwind weekend, as we visited places like Bootlegger Tiki, Lulu's, Melvyn's (where Mr. Sinatra had his wedding party) Tonga Hut & so much more. What made this weekender even more memorable, was that it was Pride week! It was quite the party, not only at The Del Marcos, but on every street. We also got to see The Psychedelic Furs, which was really amazing. Our Platinum Pal Lindy Sue caused quite a stir with her Poodle Do! There were also so many poodles, and I made it a point to pose with a few <3

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the Pajama Party, as each room had a designated cocktail to make for their guests. We made "Suffering Bastards," which I thought were amazing! Everyone did such a wonderful job of hosting and dressed beautifully in authentic 1940's-1960's sleepwear and robes. I wore my black 1950's peignoir with marabou trim and pink satin bows, paired with my lucite pink marabou boudoir heels. I hated to leave 1947 and go back to reality! It was the most nostalgic experience ever, with so many people who share the same interests. 

xx Ashlyn

Original Del Marcos Signwork

Outside the amazing architecture of The Del Marcos

Bad Hair Day in the Heat!

The Del Marcos Hotel Pool

My Vintage Pink Suitcases travel everywhere with me!

Marilyn Monroe at The Tonga Hut

Sinatra in the Lobby
The Lounge
We've arrived!
At The Tonga Hut with Katie & Lindy
Kissing Poodles in Pink at Pride!
One of the Rooms of the Revolving Cocktail Party
All original
Mid Century Television
Cocktails @ Melvyn's 
Where Mr. Sinatra was married..
I'm a sucker for Pretty Prisms! 

Pajama Cocktail Party..our room served Suffering Bastards
My Platinum Pal, Lindy Sue!
Blonde Bombshells <3
Martini @ Lulu's
Having some Tara MiSioux ;) ! 
Poodle Paradise @ Dazzle's
Smoking Skull cocktail @ Bootlegger Tiki
Bakelite & Celluloid Galore @ Dazzle's on the way out
My last stop was flamingling with these vintage Flamingos @ Dazzle's ! Until next time..

Lovely in Lassos

Although I am a born and raised Southern California gal, I have a fantasy life being a cowgirl.  At an early age, the images of Gil Elvgren's western pinups caught my eye and sparked my influence for the style I have made into my own.  The models in his images were confident with a wink of playfulness, and always seemed to be doing something productive… they were all Pink Collar Gals.  

One of my latest vintage additions to my closet is this "Rodeo" rope-print button-up.  Rolling up the sleeves and tying it off paired with my high waist denim and vintage leather tooled belt was perfect for the look I was going for today.  I was casual enough to wear on a day out with the family, but still cute enough for my husband.  We spotted an old broken down utility truck, tucked under an overgrown tree.  What most would see as a big hunk-a-junk, we saw as an amazing background for today's get-up!

< 3 Tara

Western Pinup by Gil Elvgren