Monday, February 16, 2015

Southern Belles in Lena Hoschek

Both of us girls are country girls at heart. With Ashlyn being born in Houston, she definitely appreciates Tara's love of Western. We just adore gingham prints and polka dots, which we've paired with cotton full circle skirts by Lena Hoschek. Lena does a fabulous job of taking high end couture and infusing it with a Rockabilly style, which we LOVE.

These cotton skirts were the perfect touch to our stroll on the horse trails. The dirt was so soft, that we went barefoot! A classic top tied in the front is a definite staple piece for us both, especially in the warm weather of our golden state. We felt very inspired by Marilyn Monroe  as Roslyn, in "The Misfits" 1961. We also passed the most darling run down cottage, which really made us feel as though we were on the set of The Misfits. Glamour truly comes in all forms, as Marilyn proved. Some of our favorite photos of her depict an effortlessly beautiful woman who truly looked just as stunning in jeans and a flannel! 

x T & A x

Ice Cream & Ruby's at Balboa Pier

This was such a fun filled day for us sweet tooths! We both happen to love chocolate and sweets, so we ventured out to the Balboa Fun Zone, a small amusement park along the water built in the 1930's. Across from the fun zone is the Balboa Pier, which we also visited, which holds the original Ruby's Diner!   This was a couple days before Valentine's day so we got a little festive, wearing red, pink and prints. Of course we had to match our ice cream to our outfits - Sherbet & Strawberry!  The Balboa Ice Cream shop is so nostalgic with it's original sign work and delicious desserts, it's become a favorite spot for T & A !  

x T & A x

Lido Isle Art Deco Theater

Southern California has the best Old Hollywood history, as this is where glamour was born. Our favorite eras and styles are instilled all through this golden state.  Ashlyn and I wanted to take a stroll through Lido Isle of Newport Beach this warm winter afternoon.  Small in size with only some 850 homes, it is packed with art deco, cape cod, and mid century modern design.  

Although I grew up close to Lido, and have visited frequently, I still find myself finding another vintage gem time after time.  Of course, as we often do, we both showed up in sleeveless day dresses in shades of pink, complete with long soft curls for our walk. When driving to Lido Isle or the Balboa Peninsula, you must take a glance or even pull over to see the historic Lido Theater. 

 As Lido Isle gained its momentum in the 1930's as a hot spot for the rich, the Lido Theater opened with its first film, featuring a silver screen local… Bette Davis!  For decades, the theater was painted pink and teal, and only recently was given a new paint job, but lets take a step back and remember what it was like pink. The picture below the pink is current day, and that week happened to have a Rat Pack Tribute artist on the marquee, which of course we loved!

Tara x  

Original Lido 
Current Day

Tara at the Ticket Booth
Florals on Florals 
Ashlyn at the Ticket Booth