Monday, December 21, 2015

Romance of the Rails - Union Station

The Union Station of Los Angeles was built May 3, 1939 after a lengthy plan that had been in the works since 1926. With it's modern Streamline interior, strong Art Deco lines, and Spanish colonial exterior, this magnificent metro masterpiece is one of the most spectacular structures i've ever been to - and get's a 10+ on the nostalgia scale! Travertine, terra cotta, and tiles encompass the halls and lobbies with sleek streamline steel and speaker grill accents throughout. 

Now if only everyone were dressed as Bacall and Bogart...

In fact, The Union Station has been a well known spot for silver screen splendor. "Blondie plays Cupid" and "Stardust" were a few films of the 40's, along with some film noir movies, that used the station for production. Aside from Old Hollywood, the Union station was a necessity of the 1920's as the population began to boom. Postwar however, these romantic rails saw a decline as jets and interstate highways were now present and the car boom had hit. But, current day the Station services about 110,000 people a day!

Union Station c. 1940's, palms still waving today

As always, friend Tom Stratton captures the nostalgia perfectly in these photos

Luckily, the inside looks almost exactly the same today!

At the Traxx Bar, ready for Carole Lombard and Clark Gable to stroll in...

The hustle and bustle!

Wearing one of my favorite vintage pieces, an early 40's handmade cream dress. Darts, pleats, bows - check!


Waiting for Nat King Cole to play me a song...

...Still waiting! (in the absolutely beautiful deco booths I might add) 

The women - Living the Pink Collar Life as they did

Sugar Kane shows us how it's done <3

A few little extras and outakes from me...

The cutest cafe

Wearing my Silver Screen 40's heels *click*

It's all in the details - vintage cream Shalimar x Christian Dior gloves with rhinestone trim

Time for my Manhattan - Ciao!

xx Ashlyn

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