Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Madonna Inn Part 1

The Madonna Inn is a very special place, and we've been waiting to feature it here on The Pink Collar Life for some time now. What better way to end the year 2015 with a bang (and lot's of pink!) California has a wide range of terrain and scenery, and our roadtrip was picturesque as we traveled up the coast and watched as the palms turned into pines, and the sea and sun sparkled beside us. The drive from southern to central California is filled with plenty of beautiful stops along the way, from Santa Barbara to Solvang, finally leading you to San Luis Obispo, and home of the famous landmark, The Madonna Inn.

Not long after opening. Note the pink car in front<3

The Madonna Inn was created by Mr. & Mrs. Alex Madonna, Alex, being a pink loving cowboy and entrepreneur, unveiling The Madonna Inn and it's first 12 rooms in 1958. Becoming an instant hit, they were urged in 1960 to start construction on an additional 28 rooms and the main Inn, consisting of a bakery, wine cellar, steak house, cocktail lounge, boutique, and much more. Sitting on over 1,000 acres, The Madonna Inn's large rocks used in the construction came from surrounding acres. Some of the larger rocks weigh over 200 tons each! The gorgeous glass work throughout Madonna Inn were custom made for the Inn, each illustrating one of the various Madonna enterprises: construction, lumber and cattle. 

The hand-carved marble balustrade in the pink Gold Rush dining room came from the Hearst Castle (another favorite if ours!) All copper and brass items were etched and shaped from original designs. The 28-foot gold tree fixture surrounded in pink leather tufted booths in the main dining room was made from electrical conduit left over from building projects, as well as from left over remnants of copper. As you will see in the pictures below, several wood carvers were brought in for the specialty custom work of hand carving the doors, beams, railings and the many other carved adornments you see at the Madonna Inn. For some of the features, such as the men's rock restroom urinal and uniquely themed rooms, Alex called in Hollywood set designer Harvey Allen Warren who clearly brought in some over the top glam. 

Original postcards

The outside appearance is extra cute and whimsical, with a Swiss Alps style design, complete with dollhouse details. Aiming to cater to a wide range of tastes and travelers all over, rooms were given unusual names such as the Yahoo, Love Nest, Old Mill, Kona Rock, Irish Hills, Cloud Nine, Just Heaven, Hearts & Flowers, Rock Bottom, Austrian Suite, Cabin Still, Old World Suite, Caveman Room, Elegance, Daisy Mae, Safari Room, Highway Suite, Jungle Rock, American Home, Bridal Falls and the Carin. Some rooms are grouped in themes (who doesn't love theming!) For example, the rooms, "Ren", "Dez, and "Vous" are a play on the French word, rendezvous, and "Merry", "Go", and "Round", for an amusement park carousel. We stayed in Merry <3

The beautiful sign in all it's pink glory, can be seen from a mile away. 

Rainbow of glass goblets, available at the gift shop. The milk pink is a must for a Pink Collar gal!

Hand carved doors, through the foliage

Christmas decorations can be seen even from the outside. Just wait until part II!

Our view! gorgeous green rolling hills and horses

A few of our many precious cargos being unloaded

Pink roses were in bloom!

Incredible attention to detail and design, all hand done

cocktail lounge

Obviously, we've only just touched on The Madonna Inn and it's exterior. Just wait until you see the whimsical winter wonderland, exploding with pink & prettiness in all it's gold, gilt and glory, next on Part II. We'll take you inside for a tour of our room, as well as coverage of the most spectacular steakhouse fit for a pink collar gal, all decorated to the fullest with the loveliest Christmas decor to get you in the holiday spirit. 

<3 T & A

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