Saturday, December 12, 2015

Colorful California Christmas

It's going to be a colorful Christmas here on The Pink Collar Life all month long! Our recent residency at The Madonna Inn was divine as usual, and we packed the most appropriate ensembles perfect for the crisp California air and glittering decor. As you know by our previous posts, we absolutely love Freddies of Pinewood for authentic 40's and 50's reproduction separates. But, joining us this time around is friends of Freddie's, Bow & Crossbones! Thanks to both Freddies and B&C, we brought some serious sparkle to the Steakhouse.

Bow & Crossbones is based out of UK, which seems to be the creme de la creme of golden age goodies. The great thing about Bow & Crossbones is their wide selection of jewels ranging from eras 30's-60's earrings, bangles, brooches, and necklaces. From fruity fakelite to frosted hand brooches, and deadstock diamante hair barrettes, B&C has got you covered. We especially love and appreciate their strong Tiki & Americana influences, as the emphasis is evident out here in California's scene, wrapped into all of our favorite Mid-Century homes and Tiki bars. 

Freddies is known for their authentic 50's dolman style sleeve sweater tops, which really is a must in our wardrobe. They just recently released the perfect pink collar (literally) sweater top with classic 3/4 dolman sleeves. What we noticed most was the fit. The waist is extra snug and cropped at just the right length for that nipped waist look. Don't let the glam fool you, it's also ultra cozy and comfy!

Of course, a detail shot of the Christmas kicks. Tara's early 50's red velvet and clear heels with confetti button, with Ashlyn's 50's Kimmel of California mistletoe platforms.

Featured here is Freddies festive, lush, rich emerald green Beatnik Top with glitter fleck. Like a true 50's sweater, the zip at the nape is what gets us extra happy. There could not be a more perfect brooch for this sweater than the Bow & Crossbones 40's style Belinda Bakelite brooch - Of course the red deco Evelyn fan earrings are a must as well.

The perfect Beatnik Blouse in black. Ashlyn wears the black version of Freddies Beatnik top, also good for glam on-the-go, and full of glitter.

The Evelyn fan earrings in winter white!

We love a good novelty hand, and we were over the moon to see B&C makes the prettiest frosted lucite hand, with dainty red nails and a bracelet. The Lillianna brooch comes in cream, frosted white, black and red too.

Tara wears the perfect Vivien red glittering hoops, another staple for our wardrobe and obviously perfect for the holidays.

Revolving Rooms! Voux <3

The new Leopard Sweater from Freddies of Pinewood is the ultimate for a 50's/60's bombshell look, with a fabulous feline print and sexy, slim fit. Of course, classic gold hoops are our absolute favorite and go-to for nearly any look. B&C makes the perfect gold hoops called Priscilla, identical to the one of the 50's worn by Marilyn, Mansfield and Mamie <3

All that glitters is gold! The great thing about the Vivien hoops is that she is available in gold as well, among many other colors. 

Of course pink and glitter is a big part of The Pink Collar Life aesthetic, so we were so delighted with the Linda hoops in a glittering rose!

Our matching glittering seahorse brooches were just the thing for our pink collar sweaters, available in gold and pink.

Both of our pals here offer fabulous fifties reproduction style clothing and accessories, all in one place! Styling is easy with these two <3 


<3 T & A

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