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SparkleLux Palm Springs - The Velveteen Dream

To continue our Pink Collar adventures in Palm Springs, we bring you a glimpse of SparkleLux's campaign "The Velveteen Dream" - and oh what a dream it is! Based out of the mid-century modern mecca itself, Palm Springs and it's unique setting, is SparkleLux's biggest inspiration and theme when creating it's vintage inspired jewelry designs. It could just be a coincidence, but these rich, autumn jewel tones seem like the perfect way to kick off November in some psychedelic pink collar style...

Tayva Martinez is the mastermind behind these magnificent mid-century jewels, as well as a photographer, among many more talents. As your quintessential Pink Collar girl, she first fell in love with 1950's & 1960's confetti lucite pieces at an early age, and since then, her fascination has only grown into a passion for designing and reproducing these nifty fifties and sixties jewels. 

Ashlyn by Tayva in Tayva's prized Moschino by Jeremy Scott
Pink Collar Gal - Tayva Martinez

Noticing that there was a lack in certain colors, not to mention difficulty in aquiring, Tayva set out to create her own pieces in colors to match her personal wardrobe. Though it started out as just a hobby and something beneficial to her wardrobe, SparkleLux soon became something more. SparkleLux truly is a pioneer, creating the first original reproductions of confetti lucite jewelry, and continues to deliver original, handcrafted, luxurious designs to her customers and fans. Suffice it to say that each piece is made with lots of love in the heart of Palm Springs, using only the finest, high-end, materials. Whether it be iridescent shells, pearlescent finishes, or gleaming glitters, Tayva offers custom pieces as well, and has loyal retailers worldwide.

Now lets talk about the making of Velveteen Dream. Shot on location at Stephan's Folly in the Deepwell estates of Palm Springs, it was only right to have a completely velvet house, all original and practically untouched from the 60's/70's. Not only is Julie London's estate directly across the street, but other celebrity homes of Deepwell have included those of Loretta Young, Tippi Hedrin, Eva Gabor, Carmen Miranda, Jerry Lewis, and Elizabeth Taylor. I will do my very best to describe this home, though words couldn't do it justice. Each room is more ornate than the last, having all velvet covered walls and shag carpet throughout the entire estate. This house of a thousand velvets has tufted couches, lounges, beds, bars, you name it. The colors imbue somewhat of an exotic Moroccan feel, with deep pumpkins, ambers, fuchsias and chartreuse as well as elements of fur rugs, and fixtures fit for Liberace himself. My favorite set had to be the jewel tone, embroidered, brocade gown, with martini glass in hand, feeling like Ginger Rothstein in one of my favorite films - Casino!

Now on to the wardrobe. Nicky Delgado & Luisa of The Fine Art of Design in Palm Desert provided many gorgeous, immaculate, 1950's & 1960's gowns in every shade and fabric under the sun, perfectly complimenting Tayva's designs.  Chiffons, marabous, silks, brocades and lurex filled the dressing closet, as well as my shoe haul (I always come prepared).

Jayne Mansfield c. 1960's was inspiration in styling
The beautiful Sharon Tate in Valley of the Dolls  (1967)
which was inspiration for Tayva when creating The Velveteen Dream
Shot in front of Julie London's Estate

Marilyn in Pucci c. 1960's

This necklace has cabochons crafted of vintage Pucci fabric! 

Ashlyn's picks:
Bottom's Up! Brooch
Frou Frou Flamingo earrings 

For your viewing pleasure, I snapped some behind the scenes detail shots of the  velvet palace...

Thank you Nicky & Luisa for the BTS

What an honor to be apart of The Velveteen Dream, in what was one of the most glamour-filled Pink Collar days. Don't forget to visit Tayva's photography store, where prints from above are available on metallic silver paper.

<3 Ashlyn

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