Thursday, November 5, 2015

Playing at the Pink Palace

What came first… Beverly Hills or The Beverly Hills Hotel?

The images from the early days of The Beverly Hills Hotel are almost unrecognizable.  Built in 1912, the hotel appears massive amongst the desolate land in the pictures below.  More than 100 years later, this hotel is nestled perfectly amongst the condensed city of glamour.   It makes me wonder what this community would be like today, had The Beverly Hills Hotel never been built. 

Decades after its opening, and bringing star residents to the neighborhood, the hotel received a facelift in the 1940s.  It was then that the famed Polo Lounge Restaurant was added, the interior was decorated with its iconic pink and green decor, and the hotel's stucco walls were painted, dubbing it the Pink Palace!  This October weekend, I had some free time with my family, so we paid a visit to the Beverly Hills Hotel.   

Pulling in… 
Although palm trees are common throughout Southern California, the lush landscaping of the property sweeps you away, feeling far from the hype of the city.  Off the front lobby, the valet can still be seen as pictured in this 1957 advertisement for Cadillac (below).  Although I cannot guarantee the pink Cadillac. 

Making my way to the Polo Lounge and now realizing I need Martinique wallpaper in my home! Today I've paired a pastel yellow, gingham Priscilla dress by  The Pretty Dress Co., along with my vintage lucite heels, and my wicker & lucite handbag with pink and yellow roses.  The pink flowers helped bring out the pink color, still holding in my hair for October.

Arrived!  I love the resort glamour, so classic and confident, and never trying too hard.  Exuding the most confidence… below is Marlene Dietrich in The Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel.  She was a resident to the hotel in the 1940s,  and had the rule overturned that, "no women shall wear slacks," in the restaurant.  The Rat Pack, Humphrey Bogart, Howard Hughes, and Grace Kelley were just some of  Hollywood's stars frequently visiting the Polo Lounge. 

These waiters really know how to impress a Pink Collar gal. I was brought a variety of pastries to-go in a pink striped box, within a LARGER pink box!

After our meal was over, it was time to see the rest of the property.  This stairway brought us from the ballroom below, and back to the lobby.  The lobby was a busy place as guests checked in and out, and we were told to make sure to keep our camera's "within our party." 

The pathways and gardens between the bungalows make it obvious why Hollywood's elite have been staying here over the decades.  I made sure to casually stroll by some of the rooms made special by past Hollywood stars….  two bungalows, #20 and #21, was of Marilyn Monroe's final stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel in 1960 during the filming of Some Like It Hot. 

As always, Marilyn effortlessly beautiful - At The Beverly Hills Hotel 

And just a stroll down the road at the Beverly Gardens Park….
Cheers from Beverly Hills!


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