Tuesday, November 17, 2015

l.A. Confidential

Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty in Downtown...

It's a fall-film-noir kind of day in Downtown Los Angeles, and though the city is almost unrecognizable from it's original state in the golden days, there is still dozens of Deco details and mid-century moments that have survived. Commercial growth was booming from the 1910's - 1930's, and many buildings were erected and still stand to this day. The Bradbury Building is actually the oldest remaining commercial building, making it an L.A landmark and nostalgic gem. The outside is spectacular with it's Romanesque appearance, but stepping inside to the Victorian Court filled with extremely ornate railings, marbled floors and brick walls takes you back in time. . .

 Today's tour was brilliantly captured by the talented Tom Stratton...

The building actually serves as the headquarters of the LAPD internal affairs divsion - now that's LA Confidential!

Having some Pink Collar internal affairs to attend to, I wore a classic 1940's business look, which made me feel fabulous in Fall <3 

A crisp, collared, white blouse and bullet bra under a 1940's honey-blonde fur caplet with pink satin lining, was just the thing. But how could I forgot - my favorite high waisted pant from Jools Couture to complete this tailored look!  

Just like a Cathedral, you'll find a glass ceiling that allows for a glow of light, as it casts down upon the court.

Another DTLA landmark not far from Bradbury, is Angel's Flight. This little trolley car tower was built in 1901, to ferry prominent citizens up steep slopes between Olive and Hill street. Below is Angel's Flight in it's original location during the 1950's.

Some extras and outtakes from me..

Some Deco door detailing of the Bradbury cage style elevators 

Directly across the street from The Bradbury and worth mentioning, is original landmark The Million Dollar Theatre. This incredibly ornate movie palace was built in 1918, by Sid Grauman (yes - the same owner as Grauman's Chinese Theater). It's elaborate Churrigueresque, Spanish-Baroque style is awfully beautiful, and it has seen it's share of stars and starlets including Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford. One day I hope to take you inside!...

The Theatre in the first years of opening..

More beautiful Baroque architecture found in Downtown

xx Ashlyn


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