Monday, October 5, 2015

Pink Door - Palm Springs

Last weekend I spent a few days in California's most popular desert city, Palms Springs, otherwise known as Hollywood's playground.  Made up of midcentury modern homes, boutique hotels, and streets lined with swaying palm trees, the city got its subtitle for the time spent by notable Old Hollywood entertainers.  Clara Bow, Carole Lombard & Clark Gable, Cary Grant, and Katharine Hepburn were some of the city's earliest homeowners.  Since movie studios required their stars to be on-call and able to return for last minute shots, Palm Springs was far enough away but quick enough to return within two hours.  By the 1960s, Palm Springs had received much of its publicity from A-list celebrity residents like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Walt Disney, Lucy and Desi, Gene Autry, and glamour girl herself Zsa Zsa Gabor! 

Cruising the post and beam style neighborhoods, you can see the effort in care and uniqueness each homeowner puts into their bit of midcentury treasure.  Homeowners obviously take pride in their manicured landscaping, breeze blocks, and lawn ornaments - even adding party style decorations to their grand sculptures.  One way of showing off your own sense of personality in Palm Springs is a vibrantly colored front door.  Most opt for orange or green, but The Pink Collar Life clearly sides with the owners who chose a dreamy pink! 

Yes, it's that pink front door you have seen if you googled the keywords; vintage Palm Springs, mid century architecture, or pink vintage home.  This stunner seems to be a hunt for so many, but there are no secrets here.  Swing by to get your own picture in front of the famed pink door too, at 1100 E. Sierra Way. This is just off the main road, on a quiet and public residential street.  These homes are single story yet massive, clean lined pieces of art.  There are many homes on this street worthy to be photographed, but when you are a Pink Collar Gal, pink wins!  A 1950's silver, lurex Cole of California swimsuit had enough sparkle to make me feel like a million bucks - or a glamour girl fit for a Palm Springs Post card. . .

Palm Springs Pool Party

Esther Williams was once the spokeswoman for Cole swimsuits in 1951. One advertisement read: “Here’s the perfect suit for real swimmers… the best I’ve ever worn. It will really do something for your form – in or out of the water.” As vintage wardrobe collectors, this particular design (also seen on Jayne Mansfield in gold) is a must have.

Cole of California has been around since the 1920's, but post war, Cole pursued Hollywood glamour with New Look-inspired swimsuits with extravagant details of sequins, gold-lamé , lurex and water-resistant velvets. "The Million Dollar Swimsuit" was born!

Stay tuned for more from Palm Springs, as this is just part one!

<3 Tara

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