Friday, October 30, 2015

Mischief Made

As you may or may have not learned, each of us have had the experience of starting our own companies, and now have come together as a partnership creating The Pink Collar Life. In order to maintain a strong relationship, we are honest and supportive of one another, and have the same attitude toward those in our field. 

Early this year, Tara discovered Mischief Made, a recently started business on Frequently searching for new or vintage items on the popular site, Tara came across the shop, finding several Tshirts that were fitting to her vintage inspiration and love of novelty design. One was not enough, so Tara ordered two just before her trip to Viva Las Vegas. Upon opening the package, the designs were even better in person, and the soft jersey-like cotton was perfect for that feminine casual look. The designer of Mischief Made, Yuri, spotted Tara's images during the Viva Las Vegas weekend, and our relationship started there!

Tara pictured at Viva Las Vegas 2015

Yuri is a female artist, originally from Japan who is now located in Los Angeles. She portrays the Pink Collar attitude toward other females in the business, and has made many relationships in the short time since Mischief Made began in December 2014. The Pink Collar Life has since done modeling for Mischief Made on her Etsy shop, as well as two features for several of her self-made designs on The Pink Collar Life blog….Double Trouble Mischief and Pincurls Poodles and Pie Oh My!

It's always fun to know about the creator behind a company, so here's a little about Yuri, in her own words...

"I started to draw about 4 years ago. I've had many experiences as a sales person, designer, and pattern maker in Japan. After I moved to LA, I started to make Tshirts. Then, I started to focus on drawing. I think if you draw a lot, you can improve your drawing skills. The important thing is to have an idea for a Tshirt, not an image to stand alone. I'm always thinking about how good my drawings work as Tshirts. I collect images from the 1940~60s, and I usually make designs inspired by images from my collection, or I will decide a theme first and look for images that match."

It was after our work on Pincurls, Poodles, and Pie, that Yuri told us that she had been thinking about The Pink Collar Life when creating that fabulously, fun design. Two poodles on a girls date, sitting at a cafe is so perfectly fitting, especially since we jokingly refer to ourselves as poodles. But that was not all, our discussion with Yuri progressed to creating an original PCL collaboration design!

Original sketch by Yuri of Mischief Made

Original reference photos..

Yuri says, 

"This time, I've been thinking how I can use PCL's pink theme. I looked at a lot of your pictures, clothing, lots of stuff.... I picked up many things from photos. You've modeled my shirts before, which made the process a lot easier since I had a good idea already about your style. The 'Double Trouble' title comes from a vintage book. Also, last time our feature had the same title. So, obviously I like it a lot! This design comes from the PCL blog and vintage clothing."

The Double Trouble duo BTS!

The Double Trouble design came so easily, that a second Pink Collar Life collaboration Tshirt was created. The idea of pink flamingos could not have been more perfect considering they are feminine creatures, are frequent images in mid-century design, and are PINK!

"Pink Flamingo's design comes from a 50's towel. I just mixed in PCL flavor!" ~Yuri

Those flamingos are wearing teeny-tiny black ribbons with T & A initials on them 

"In the future, I want people all over the world to discover my Tshirts. That's why I use models from many countries. I'll just keep doing this and creating and having fun. Above everything,  I love it!" ~Yuri

The Pink Collar Life / Mischief Made designs at Liberty Vintage in Long Beach, CA

Get your Double Trouble Tee here & your Pink Flamingo Tee here!

<3 T & A

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