Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mamie Van Doren "Miss Palm Springs"

Some familiar names mentioned around The Pink Collar Life headquarters are the three M's…Mamie, Marilyn, and Mansfield. I just so happen to have one I adore slightly more than the others, which is Mamie Van Doren! Her bad girl-bombshell persona is one I can relate to, her costumes of the 50s and 60s have been inspirations for my own, and don't get me started on that hair! Just like her exaggerated curves, those platinum locks were big and bouncy.

In 1949, at the age of 18, Mamie won Miss Palm Springs. At this event she was discovered by famed aviator and big budget film producer Howard Hughes. Hughes brought Mamie to Hollywood, where she got her first movie debut. From there she was casted similarly as other 1950s platinum bombshells, starring in many films, performing on stage, and even posing for Playboy and artist Alberto Vargas. Aside from getting her start in Palm Springs, Mamie calls this desert oasis her "favorite romantic get-away," and even donated the iconic palm trees seen lining Palm Canyon Blvd as you enter the city. She continues to frequent the city with appearances, and has been given her own star on Palm Spring's own Walk of Fame. 

Mamie van Doren was Palm Spring's Miss Rodeo, pictured above riding in the city's parade 

Taking a dip in Palm Springs
For my recent visit I had Mamie in mind when I packed my vintage, deep plunging, backless, wiggle dress. It gives an exaggerated hourglass, and the retro palm print is a perfect match for this midcentury town known for its swaying trees. I daringly attempted to wear my hair down and full of Mamie-like volume in the desert heat. Today it was pushing 110 degrees for most of the afternoon…Yikes! Hopefully the photos don't give away how hot it was!

Mamie Van Doren, pool-side in Palm Springs

Thank you to the Saguaro Hotel for having us, and providing such beautiful colors and design!

<3 Tara

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