Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Harvest Glamour at The Biltmore Hotel


Cheerful Salutations to Sunday's Best!

Hello Ladies ~ It is time to fold Summer 2015 into memory's keepsake chest and meet again to welcome Autumn. Please join us for high tea in the Rendezvous Court at the elegant Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles where the 4th Academy Award Ceremony took place in 1931. We will meet in the lobby, formerly the legendary Music Room, where Senator John F. Kennedy gave his inspirational "The New Frontier" presidential campaign speech, July 15, 1960.  In commemoration of the Biltmore's grand opening, October 1, 1923, let us celebrate 92 years of greatness in honor of ilk such as Swanson, Disney, Hepburn, Tracy, Gable, Stewart, Cooper and Bette Davis; a mere few legendary talents who once created the Biltmore's essence. As the great Johnny Mercer poetically penned, "... We miss you most of all, our darlings, when Autumn Leaves start to fall..." Let Autumn Revival Begin!

Hosted by:
Desi & Miss Cinman

And so, what seemed to be the only Autumn-like day we have had in some time, The Pink Collar Life was sure to attend Harvest Glamour!  The exterior of the Biltmore Hotel is grand in size, but can be seen as yet another old building of Downtown LA.  It combines Mediterranean designs known to Californian style with Beaux Arts elements.  Entering through the current lobby doorways of the Biltmore, we were overwhelmed by the exorbitant amount of ornate decor from floor to ceiling and in awe with the inlayed marble flooring, carved paneling and spiraling columns, that lead to Venetian chandeliers and muraled ceilings above.  

Unknowingly, we lead ourselves straight to the Crystal Ballroom, where the Academy Awards were held in 1931 (and more years to follow).  There was an eeriness to the room that made us want to linger after they shut off the lights. Also, these halls are presumed to be haunted, but we only felt the glamorous ghosts of the greats. Knowing some of the greats such as Mae West, Carmen Miranda, Walt Disney, Clark Gable and more stepped foot here was a special moment for those with a sentimental place in their hearts for Old Hollywood. 

Still accessible in the ballroom are the bronze framed balconies that look down upon the ballroom floor, and offer a grand view of the majestic, hand painted, frescoed ceilings.  This work of art, which took over 18 months to complete during the hotel's construction, was completed by Giovanni Smiraldi and his team of artists.  Greek Gods, angels, and cupids are fitting images amongst the grand walls of the Biltmore. 

Not a corner went overlooked with the design of the Biltmore, as seen in this hallway leading to more ballrooms.

For Harvest Glamour,  we happened to have had our hair done cotton candy pink in honor of October. The tones of icy pink and robbin's egg blue were most harmonious with the rich backdrop of The Biltmore and it's exuberant elegance. Ashlyn wore a 1950's true bombshell gown that she had just finished restoring,  and knew this was the perfect place to debut it. Contrasting blue chiffon accents and embroidery throughout, perfectly complimented Tara's blue, bowed beauty of a dress. The classic 1950's wiggle dress is finished with dainty bows at hips,  as well as embroidery throughout. As always,  lucite clutches and springolators worthy of the silver screen, are the icing on the cake. .

Smaller hallways are covered with photographs of silver screen A-listers visiting the Biltmore

Lead back to the lobby to meet our tea party attendees, we learn of the historical importance of this room.  After earning the Democratic nomination in 1960, an acceptance speech was given here by our famed 35th president.  It was also in the hotel lobby where Elizabeth Short, "The Black Dahlia," was last seen alive. 

So, who wants some tea?

The Biltmore had proven to have each room more luxurious than last.  Each Sunday, afternoon tea is held in the most decadent, Randezvous Court, the original lobby of the hotel.  Guests enter from the second floor, offering an aerial view of the fountain and glimmering 30 foot windows.  It was delightful to enjoy this day with a large group of vintage collectors and women of class.   All Pink Collar gals! 

Tara chatting with the one who oozes with fabulousness … Pinup Revival, Desi!

<3 T & A 

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