Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hollywood Heights Hightower

Exploring historic Los Angeles is always a treat, even on a sweltering hot day. Each time I set out for nostalgia and inspiration I always seem to find what I'm looking for, and today turned out to be another fun adventure. Good friend and photographer Tom Stratton led the way and captured the tour, as he recently came across this Art Deco structure that he knew would peak my interest.

Tucked away off Hollywood Blvd, this majestic mountain side Hightower was modeled after the Italian hillside village of Positano (being an Italian girl - you know I love this!) Architect Carl Kay designed the first 4 original buildings surrounding the elevator tower in 1935 and through the mid 50's. But that's not all - one of my favorite architects, Frank Lloyd Wright built a fifth property later in the 1950's as well. From Streamline to Hacienda, the home styles had me in a dreamy Deco daze...

I must admit, getting to the structure is not an easy stroll, but the seclusion is what makes this High Tower Court spectacular. There are hundreds of stairs, and residents have a steep hike to their homes, hence the service elevator. The elevator is still in working order, and looked straight out of a Hitchcock film. I wasn't that far off, as this Hightower has in fact appeared in old films. The neighborhood is quaint and friendly, as many people were happy to stop and have a chat, making this landmark even more special.

The sun was shining, and the heat was scorching (at 103 degrees!) I just had my typical grilled cheese and fries at Swingers Diner, so I was actually looking forward to some stairs and knew i'd be breaking a sweat. I slipped on one of my favorite summer ensembles, which is a custom made 1940's inspired suspender short set, paired with a pale yellow crop top and my trusted & comfortable, 1950's gold wedges. Visit LookieeHere and ask for your custom piece -You'll be seeing much more of this little Norma Jean inspired number, as it's my current favorite getup, creating a number of looks from sweet sailor to sassy sweater girl.

Join me as I take you on a tour through this Hollywoodland Hightower...

The bottom of the High Tower, before the treacherous hike!

One of the many Streamline homes I fell in love with

Having a look over Hollywoodland, with the elevator tower seen behind me

The secluded stairways, with foliage and overgrown bougainvillia

The surrounding neighborhood 

A quick stop at the Hollywood Reservoir to end the day<3

xx Ashlyn


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  2. Hi, i really love your blog and your are both stunning and inspiring.

    also could you please tell me where you purchased you white short from (as seen in the photos above)?

    thank you xxx

    1. Contact her about a custom made pair of white suspender shorts seen here :) Thank you for the sweet words! <3


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