Monday, September 7, 2015

Boudoir Betties

Skyscraper stilettos, cinched corsets and wicked whirlpool bras. . . these are just a few of our favorite things when it comes to vintage fetish fashions. No one knows this more than the Queen of Pinups, Ms. Bettie Page, who continues to inspire us to this day with her naughty-but-nice vintage photographs and films. 

If you've got a Pink Collar job where you aren't able to show off your corsets, girdles and sky high heels, then you're in luck! As you know, we are big on novelty brooches and statement pieces here at The Pink Collar Life, and we're here to tell you that Glitter Paradise offers some vintage sleaze - without having to lose your sleeves...

Yes you've heard right! From Bettie Page's Bustier to Betty Brosmer's Bodice, you can wear these ultra femme symbols right on your blouse and bosom. The Glitter Paradise "Vintage Sleaze" collection offers an array of undergarments as brooches, in ALL of our favorite colors of peach, noir, gold and rouge. These little corsets are like candy, and once you have one you just have to have them all! Of course, a typical pink boudoir with oodles of poodles was the backdrop to feature our fancy fetish pieces, along side blush and black brassieres and peignoirs. 

Bettie, lovely & laced to perfection 

Bettie's Fetish Corset in Peach

Bettie looking extra cute and corseted 

Bettie in liquid satin, with her whirlpool bra and extra high heels

Bettie's Fetish Heel Earrings in Noir & Peach  

Bettie shows us her shoe collection!

Don't forget to visit Glitter Paradise for more hand crafted novelty jewels and whatever fancies your tickle!

<3 T & A


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  2. This is just fabulous! Thank U so much to both of you beautiful ladies for making this collection look so nice <3 <3

    1. You are so welcome - Thank you for bringing back the Golden Age with your feminine designs. An honor to show off some sleaze ;) ! ♡

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  3. So nice pics :) You look absolutely stunning!  Helen Hatfield


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